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SOS! Student Kidnapping in Kiwanja

A sad fact dismayed the population of the city of Kiwanja this Saturday, October 14, 2017 towards the midday: Two students were kidnapped by malicious unknown persons. The victims of this barbarous and despicable act are children who attend Bukoma primary school in Kiwanja, in Rutshuru territory, in North Kivu province. The public has shown

Alert of the Bishop Monsignor Sikuli Melchisedek: Let’s stop the Nande massacre!

The main vital axes of the territory of Lubero are caught in the grip of the infernal cycle of insecurity. Daily alerts on violence against civilians in Mubana, Kipese, Lubango, Alimbongo, Kitsumbiro and Kasugho, in short throughout the southern territory of Lubero, clash with such an astonishing insensitivity of both military and civilian authorities it

Very urgent!! Genocide in BENI: More than ten people slaughtered.

The barbarian killers slaughtered a considerable number of people on Saturday, 07 October 2017, whose exact figure is not yet known on the Kamango – Mbau axis, as a relatively high number of people were dragged into the bush while only a handful of people were executed on the road and their dead bodies abandoned


The authors still protected From 02 October 2014 to 02 October 2017, it has been exactly three years, day to day, since the massacres in the territory of Beni were triggered with the appearance of a real genocide against the Yira-Nande people. It is astounding to see that this barbarism, far from being stopped by

Alert!!! Warlord Kava wa Seli returns to Butembo

A climate of panic seized the city of Butembo, a Mai-mai chief who had caused so much desolation to the civilians and the governmental army in Beni, but also to Rutshuru and Lubero, suddenly reappeared in Butembo. Kava wa Seli, known as the co-founder and commander of the Eucumenical Forces for the Liberation of the