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Here are the leaders of the new war in eastern DRC and of the massacres in North Kivu and Ituri …

Kampala refuses the argument of Balkanization of Kivu-Ituri presented by Deogratias Bugera The perpetrators of the massacres and war in Kivu-Ituri continue to unfold as events unfold. It is a pity that the enemy of the peace and stability of our people was able to recruit as many local puppets as they needed. After failing

Very urgent! Message from the Chief of the Ba Hema Kahwa Panga Mandro of Ituri

MESSAGE OF POWER HOLDING BY  CHIEF YVES KAHWA PANGA MANDRO ON THE OCCASION OF THE 57TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE DEMONSTRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO. Dear Congolese Brothers and Sisters, Dear Honorable Members of Parliament, Senators, Religious of Confessions, Different Associations working in Ituri, UNADI Leaders and Members, BARAZA Leaders and Members of Ituri

Ituri: Congolese government should halt its dramatic play behind tension Hema – Ngiti

After the recent surge in tension between Hema and Ngiti in Ituri, it is scandalously reported an attitude of satisfaction in the political environment close to the family of the President of the Republic. It is therefore understandable that fire is being fueled by cynical political interests. On the one hand, the central government, or

Joseph Kabila recruits NDC-Rénové to fight FARDC in Kabasha

A reality hard to believe, but that is the truth. The military and security situation is confused in Kabasha, at the gate of the city of Beni. A rebellion broke out, but the fighters were elements recognized as part of the Congolese national army, the FARDC. All this happens while no mutiny has been reported

Red alert!!! Finally the city of Beni violently attacked and partially occupied by pseudo-rebels …

Total panic in Beni, as the murderers declare themselves « liberators »! Since this morning, the town of Beni, in North Kivu, is attacked by assailants not otherwise identified. It all began at Kalau, a town about ten to the northeast of downtown Beni, where assailants stormed a FARDC position. This geographical description indicates at the outset

In Kabasha, the machine is on its way to start a new East War

Kabasha’s Firm Hope reveals its disastrous secrets. The attacks continue to intensify against the FARDC, the government army, in the Kabasha district, about ten kilometers from Beni on the axis that leads to Butembo. The population inhabiting the area invaded by the battle is on the move to seek asylum in neighboring localities. But the

Alert!! Attacks on the isolation of Beni and Butembo have began

On Thursday, June 15, 2017, a violent attack took place early in the morning in Mukulya, at the gate of the city of Beni. The official designates the assailants as Mai-mai, whose identity he does not determine. Omar Kavota, who has carved out an eloquence easy under all circumstances, like Lambert Mende, evokes, for his

Attack and escape in full day at the prison of Beni: the accomplices of the criminals are known!

« The attack on the Kangbayi prison in Beni is an order that has been given … » This Sunday, June 11, 2017, at 15:30 local time of the city of Beni, heavily armed assailants violently attacked KANGBAYI, the central prison of the city of Beni. Eleven people, including eight soldiers guarding the prison, fell under fire

17th anniversary of the horror of the tragedy of the invaders in Kisangani (DRC)

Kisangani: 17 years ago, day in and day out, the armies of Rwanda and Uganda clashed in what was called the Six-Day War (5-10 June 2000). Nearly 1,000 dead and 3,000 wounded (mostly civilians, our brothers and sisters); More than 6,600 shells fired, with material damage that Kisangani never recovered from. Today, the perpetrators of

In the DRC, the world in reverse: the crime of murder deserves the prize of « national hero »

The murderer of Mr Tchebeya and his chauffeur Bazana awarded the prize of a « hero » The Congolese people and all human rights activists throughout the world are deeply moved by Presidential Order No. 17/006 of May 16, 2017 signed by Mr. Joseph Kabila, admitting to the national order  » National heroes  » Lumumba-Kabila of some