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An accused confesses to having participated in the plan of the assassination of Father Vincent MACHOZI

Father Vincent Machozi was sold almost at the price of which Judas Iscariot delivered Jesus A judicial source in Beni told BLO that a special interrogation was organized for Daniel MASINDA alias Eric, currently detained in Beni with his business companions. This occurred at the level of the same detention cell of MASINDA, in order

Pro-government agents of the Beni massacres at stops to clear the truth …

The Congolese government has just arrested its own agents whom it had forged and carefully used to cover its hands in the crime of violence and massacres that the world deplores in the region of Beni-Lubero. Would this be a new stage of comedy in dealing with the case of the Beni slayers still presented

Urgent!! 15 people kidnapped, another already cut with a machete in Kibirizi …

A dramatic situation occurred in Kibirizi on Good Friday on 14 April 2017. Kibirizi is a town in the north-western part of the Rutshuru territory in the North Kivu province of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. A community church choir of the CBCA (Baptist Community in Central Africa) has seen its 20 members fall

Where is General Mundos of the FARDC, the key element of the massacres of Beni?

The biological family of the notorious general Akili Mundos has repeatedly revealed the fate of this fugitive officer since witnesses and accused have multiplied before the court in Beni evidence of his primary and principal responsibility in the case  » Massacres of civilians in Beni « . Indeed, the military justice set up to judge the

The Force Vive civil society of North Kivu stands up against the political drift in the DRC

CIVIL SOCIETY VIVES FORCES OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO NORTH KIVU PROVINCIAL COORDINATION Tél. : (+243) 99 44 10 534 / 815995402/ 853184319 E-mail : societecivilenk@gmail.com, thdaquinmuiti50@gmail.com DECLARATION N° 06/2017 DRC FACES THE DIFFERENCE The organizations of the Civil Society Forces Vives of North Kivu after having analyzed the socio-political context of the

A vehicle of the Monusco crushes three people in Beni

A serious hauling accident dismayed the public of Beni and Oicha on Monday, April 03, 2017. A vehicle of the Monusco has tapped three people who have surrendered the soul at once. The accident occurred on the Beni – Oicha road section. The three victims were going to meet a customary wedding rendezvous, that is

Extreme emergency !! A new plan for a resumption of the massacres amplified in Beni …

The Beni territory has experienced a time of respite, a relative lull, which will have allowed some people to be tempted to believe at the end of the nightmare. Far from yielding to this illusion, a BLO correspondent in Rwanda alerts us to a meeting held in Goma to decide and define a second stage

Massacres in Beni and Central Kasaï: The Donald Trump government is tapping the UN table!

In New York, the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, was clear. He did not go by four roads to denounce the MONUSCO which helps a corrupt government and which is criminal, because he does not hesitate to kill its own people. It was during negotiations for the renewal of the MONUSCO mandate,

In an interview given to BLO, a member of the Rwandan Patriotic Front is formal: The problem of the DRC is called Joseph Kabila

Blo: Good day, sir. You are one of our readers in Rwanda and you have always wanted to talk to us, because you think that sometimes we are overflowing, and you often feel that there are other realities that we do not know, is that right? Gaspard: Yes, it’s true. Blo: So can you introduce

Some 17 good reasons that annoy the world against Joseph Kabila …

Often, when there is an exasperating language about the Congolese head of state, Joseph Kabila, some believe that this is the expression of a normal antagonistic trends and beliefs can vary from one person to another. However, it is necessary to find all the reasons that lead the Congolese people and the whole world to