ALERT: 8 mothers Woman Rights Activists Arrested in Butembo


Additional precision:

Eight Women’s Rights Activists, Members of the Movement »Dynamic of Women for Good Governance « , DYFEGOU arrested on Friday 8 September by the Congolese National Police of Butembo. They have been when they demonstrated against the insecurity that elected home in the town of Butembo and its surroundings and liberation of 2 Catholic priests kidnapped in the parish of Bunyuka since last July 16th. Stopped moms walked peacefully when they were stopped by the PNC and now they are in Office 2, Butembo Town Hall.

Note that this happens when Mrs Rose KAHAMBU TUOMBEANE, spokesperson of the movement DYFEGOU lives in secret because sought since Saturday 2 September by the National Intelligence Agency ANR Butembo on order of the Urban Safety Committee. These ANR agents who are the DYFEGOU’s spokesman are on a mission to stop or to remove Ms. Rose KAHAMBU if possible for a reason which is not still revealed, « a secretive motive ». But this happens after threats received by telephones by the victim after a sit in that the Movement organized at the Butembo Town Hall to denounce and condemn insults and public insults that the Mayor of Ville the parade, a puplic meeting that takes place at the town hall each Monday of the week. These words against which the Femmes, members of the DYFEGOU had also been broadcast on RTNC (Radio Télévision Nationale Congolaise) during a show « parade of the week ».

Coordonator of Dynamique Féminine for Good Gouvernance DYFEGU(CRDH)

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