Alert of extreme urgency: All the evidence that it is the Rwandans who are now slaughtering in Ituri!


It took just ten days to see the killings reach a cruising speed in Ituri. This would not be very surprising. Because the expert butchers human of the century in Central Africa have launched full foot in the works. However, the alerts of Benilubero Online have not convinced the opinions until today when finally the denunciations go directly from the sources of service of the order.

In fact, a police source in Bunia cascaded the Benilubero Online editorial office to report that Rwandans are currently spotted in multitudes on the subject of stabbings and killings in the Djugu territory. Ituri. On Monday, February 12, 2018, towards the end of the afternoon, the vigilance of the police succeeded in capturing 15 Rwandans who had taken up positions around a village in the Drodro radius, in order to pass over the sword the inhabitants who were there. These assailants are indeed the group of Rwandan Hutu whom the Kabila regime imposed on the inhabitants of Tchabi, Bukiringi, Boga and their surroundings, south of Ituri. They were very well armed with machetes and guns. These criminals were immediately sent to the hierarchical authorities of Ituri province in Bunia. But the question that arises is whether the provincial authorities will really concede to expose to the public the allies of the ruling power.

Also, great is the fear of the knowledgeable observers who know well the game that leads the power in the tragedy which takes place in the great North-Kivu and in Ituri. Some people therefore believe that this transfer could disappoint the waiting population victim who would like to see justice deal effectively with these bloodthirsty.

It should also be warned that the authorities of Bunia are well aware of the game of the official in the killings of Djugu. They are already starting to follow the footsteps of their colleagues in Beni, or even North Kivu in general, while maintaining the vagueness around the identification of the perpetrators of the massacres. Initially, we spoke explicitly Lendu, Hema; but currently the indefinite settles: « the identity of those responsible for the killings is not known, » they say. In the meantime, these executioners intimidate the natives by saying that the province of Ituri and the region of Beni have been sold to them. They make believe that they only recover what belongs to them. Could the attitude of Joseph Kabila and his entourage in power not be such as to make one believe such a claim? It does not matter! It is more than obvious that from Beni to Ituri, Joseph Kabila is making himself a war against the people he claims to lead. The slaughterers receive their work instructions from the supreme hierarchy of the country, in the same way as the 2013 M23.

The security sources claim to have irrefutable evidence of the supply of the slaughterers by the national authorities. Moreover, according to their testimony in Bunia, a cargo of weapons of all calibres has just reached the throats of Djugu aboard three trucks. While awaiting additional batches, these weapons begin to be distributed to Drodro, Fataki, Largu, Centrale Soleniama and even some parts of the city of Bunia, while expanding to the Mongbwalu mining area with the objective to establish a massacre link with the territory of Aru and that of Mahagi.

Our sources, which are exploiting pure information from the security services data, are categorical: the human reinforcements in the tragedy that is smothering Ituri proceed through the feet of the Rwenzori Mountains and southern Ituri, that is to say the part of Irumu occupied by the Rwandan invaders.

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