Présumé ADF avec doubles uniformes des FARDC. Les présumés ADF opèrent sur consigne des autorités de FARDC

Auto Attack: FARDC Transformed into ADF Fight Loyalist Soldiers in Beni


This Tuesday, March 27, 2018, in the thick darkness of 21 hours, a muscular attack of the attackers identified with the alleged rebels ADF was unleashed on the military position of the FARDC of the 2nd Battalion of the 3303rd Brigade based in Munzambai, Kasinga cell, Boikene district, in Rwenzori commune, in the city of Beni. The position of UN peacekeepers in the same radius was not spared. Exchanges of automatic weapon fire and detonations of heavy weapons continued until late at night.

The provisional record gathered this morning records at least 10 deaths, including a pastor of the Protestant Church of the 8th CEPAC. There were also people kidnapped by the attackers; however no details of the figure are yet available, except the confirmation of 4 children of a sentinel of Paida who would be part of the said victims kidnapped.

Once again, well-informed observers denounce a tragic scenario in this kind of attack on the alleged ADF in the city, where the number of national army troops deploying for peace-making tend to crush the number of population itself. Indeed, in Beni, it has already been proven in many circumstances that the alleged ADF whose acts of terrorism overwhelm the region are only part of the national army that turns into rebels to achieve the purpose of power in place. The documentation of the editorial staff of Beni-Lubero Online has accumulated a wealth of data bank on this subject, with a view to arming the court to come the required elements at the right time, when it comes to speak honestly « Justice » for Beni.

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