BENI-BUTEMBO: The Bana Mura of Kabila, as bloody as the slaughterers!


When the population of Beni asks for protection and security from the authorities of the country, it is always the worst of the criminals that are sent to them in response. There has been very little time since the on-site deployment of the Bana Mura military police unit in the Beni-Lubero area, that is said, to protect civilians bruised by the alleged ADF. And the result obtained after a few days of their presence already displays a picture full of nightmare.

The Bana Mura came from Kananga. They are well-trained FARDC soldiers. It is a special unit consisting essentially of the former militia who had opted for integration into the official army. But in their way of acting, they are no better than a militia, with the only difference that they are currently militia in the service of an official power, that is to say, a militia directly dependent on the militia head of state.

Indeed, the actions that the slaughterers were conducting in the corners of the territory of Beni without being explicitly identified are currently openly carried out through the cities of Butembo and Beni by a phenomenon of night attack of homes, which the indigenous name the phenomenon « Kasuku ». It is an operation where assailants armed with rifles and white weapons carry out targeted attacks against houses to kill, wound, loot, steal, extort the population at a daily rate. The latest cases recorded in Beni indicate 2 deaths, several injured and a few thousand dollars washed away. One of the consequences of this phenomenon in Beni is that the populations of Pasisi, Buddji and Mangothe can no longer access their fields. In Butembo, the phenomenon « Kasuku » has taken on a more alarming aspect; Even during the recent night of 20 August 2017, there was a sad bloodbath: Operation Kasuku of the Bana Mura covered this time the Bwinongo Quarter, killing a civilian, and the Bunyole Quarter in Mususa commune where four People were injured.

The perpetrators of the Kasuku phenomenon operate in FARDC uniforms. Investigations revealed that it is indeed the « Bana Mura » elements that are at the heart of it, by associating bands of the locally recruited incivic. Gradually, it is easier to understand why criminal maneuvers have been mounted by the authorities in place to release prisoners through the country’s penitentiary centers. The Kabila regime, whose maintenance strategy was based on chaos, needed the release of prisoners to justify the amplification of the insecurity it had been planning for a long time.

The « Kasuku » tools, now armed with attacks from private homes in Butembo and Beni

Why « Kasuku »? The tools used to destroy the doors of private residences are those originally designed for use in rural work or in the construction of houses or in the artisanal extraction of minerals. Today they are used by criminals to attack innocent civilians through the districts of the two cities of Butembo and Beni. The term « Kasuku » chosen to designate the phenomenon of these attacks comes from the curved form of the terminal points of these tools (which have become weapons for these attackers), a form resembling the beak and claws of the parrot (Kasuku in the Swahili language) .

But when agents pretended to belong to the force of order and security become bands of assassins, aggressors and thieves, then they are absolutely good at nothing. The civil society of the Beni-Lubero entities not only ceases to demand their departure from the area, but also calls on the authorities – notably the military, the police, the ANR and the politico-administrative authorities – to Local security to resign, given their indifference to this calamity imposed on the population.


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