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Beni: Did our Deputies Ministers come to clear Joseph Kabila?


It is with great attention that the local population of Beni followed the conduct of the « mission » of the parliamentary delegation whose end was officially declared on October 14, 2018. Today, it turns out that the opinions are much more disappointed than ever before, when it is through the voice of our deputies that the public will finally be informed of the falsified identity of the perpetrators of the death that exterminates our brothers and sisters in Beni. They came on a fact-finding mission, as if the Congolese government still does not know what’s going on in Beni in recent years.

For four years, all Congolese are anxiously awaiting official information about the murderers: the name of the group, the origin, the sociological characteristics, the motivations and objectives, etc. The Congolese authorities have never satisfied this expectation, despite the massive presence of its defense forces on the ground. On the contrary, the intervention of the authorities continues to cause confusion in people’s minds, a confusion that worsens when it is found that the personnel and logistical resources of the FARDC troops in the area of operation are far out of proportion to the aggressors, and yet the security situation continues to evolve daily from bad to worse. All opinions are finally convinced that the power in place had to kill Colonel Mamadou, because it had given the appearance of being able to finish in a few days, this theater of which nobody would want to define the limits of the scene. We also believe that General Lucien Bauma suffered the same fate, because with a handful of troops and in record time (less than 10 days) he eliminated the enemy to the point of annihilating him completely. The resurgence of the murderers to their alleged overflow as it is observed to this day is a mystery of which only the power in place holds the key to the secret.

Why, has one long been maintained the thesis of accusation against the aboriginals qualified calumniously of assailants? Many innocent people have been sentenced and are still languishing in detention. Why was it rushed to innocently bear the burden of these heinous crimes on Mbusa Nyamwisi? Yet he was the first to denounce the execution of the organized crime plan while calling for independent international investigations. Why did we witness this elusive maneuver swallowing the ongoing crimes by Islamist terrorists woven from scratch? The power struggled to circulate video clips in this direction …

And yet, the government troops in operation have never exhibited a single proof of all these allegations. However, the bravery of the victim population has repeatedly helped to discover that the slaughterers are constituted by groups of people imported under the cover and protection of the powerful hands of the regime in place, that these criminals are supported by terrorist units of President Kabila. infiltrated into the national army, that these killers are supplied with FARDC uniforms and use the weapons of the same stock as the official army, that they speak Kinyarwanda, Lingala, Swahili etc. It will be recalled that, on many occasions, the FARDC allegedly sent on operations to protect and defend the population refused to come to the aid of the civilians attacked even after receiving calls for help. On the contrary, they often turned into enemies the brave civilians who warned them of a threat from the attackers: the FARDC released the throats intercepted by the population and took innocents from the latter to replace the attackers. The military court that had been organized in Beni by General Mukuntu better illustrates this reality.

All these vicissitudes have reduced the power in the incapacity to build the public on what is the phenomenon of the alleged ADF in Beni. So what motivates our members to say easily and easily what the government has been unable to say for four years? Nothing to do! They must have been motivated. But how can one be so fooled to accept to carry a word that one does not manage to explain the meaning of oneself? For at the moment when the Honorable Nzangi is spokesman for the army and the government to declare in their place that the slaughterers of Beni is called MTM, he is at the same time unable to explain it to the journalist who asks him the meaning.

It does not matter! We only remember one thing: The government has set up a group of people to massacre our compatriots, after a thousand and one hesitations, and given the pressure of opinion, he calls these incivists by the name of Muslim Tabliq Movement , MTM in acronym. The Congolese government believes that it has concluded its argument to prove that there is an Islamist terrorist group in Beni, which terrorists are in fact only FARDC disguised as attackers. Many are the near and far proof of this staging.

Our deputies seem to be acting as protectors of the executioners of our compatriots. Do they do it knowingly for a pot wine, or unconsciously? The people observe and understand everything, that they know it well!

Jeanne d’Arc KAHINDO

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