Au moins 25 motos incendiées par les égorgeurs à Kamango



For more than a year, Benilbuero has been constantly alerting national and international opinion on Joseph Kabila’s determination to plunge the country into a powder keg that will serve as an excuse to postpone the elections. How many plans have been studied to give flesh to this madness! Thanks to God and the watchful eye of patriots who jealously have love for their country, Joseph Kabila has always been caught red-handed before taking action. His laboratory did not close its machines. On the contrary. In recent days, Benilubero has been alerted by several of its correspondents about an imminent assault on the city of Beni by suspected jihadists but in fact Fardc who for some months have been trained on this plan around the city of Beni. Yes, not only Fardc soldiers have been seconded to be trained to pose as jihadists but, what is worse, minors, both girls and boys are being abducted in the city of Beni to follow the same training.

Presumed ADF increasingly visible in the city of Beni

In recent days, it is no longer rare to see presumed ADF walk in the city of Beni. As of October 26, 2017, for example, they were visible in the city of Beni and even attacked the eastern part. During this attack, they kidnapped some youths from these neighborhoods and took them to the forest. The next day, they traveled around the city from south to north and vice versa. The inhabitants have alerted the secret services but no one is making any move. The reason is simple: these alleged ADFs are Fardc soldiers disguised as ADF. A disguise of bad taste, because they often forget to change outfit. Is it by distraction or to challenge the people?

Surviving miners testify and confirm

Among the young people kidnapped on October 27, two managed to escape on November 2: one is 10 years old and the other is 12 years old. For security reasons we keep their names. They were brought to a place called LAHÉ, a place known to the many inhabitants especially farmers of the city of Beni. The oldest told the administrative and some elements of the ANR how they were treated and all they saw:

– « We were taught every morning how to pray in Arabic … », he said while exhuming even some examples of gestures and prayers already learned, at the request of spectators who wanted to know more.
– « There are also women and girls. Some women were veiled and only their eyes were visible. Others who were not yet waiting for theirs that were made with the cassocks that we men should wear…  » he continued to tell his audience very attentive, before concluding:
– « They spoke to us in Swahili and spoke at times, between them, other languages ​​that we did not understand. There were also visitors who spoke Lingala … There is nothing amiss. We ate to our fill. They gave us biscuits and sardines. There is even a football field and volleyball.

What will these young people and these women transformed into Muslims serve?

A mountain that hides the forest

We are there in front of a mountain that hides the forest! This mountain is called the regime and the forest, a jihadism created for terrorist actions in the days to come, if not in the coming days. The decor is well planted.

To prepare the opinion for this tragedy, the government and some of its allies (fake writers, fake journalists and false activities of the civil society) sing loudly the advent of a jihadism in the territory of Beni . Meanwhile, as we can see, he is preparing kamikazes who will begin to carry out terrorist acts, as is done in other places.

The mistake would be to think that the attackers or suspects would be in collusion with some soldiers called « loyalists » and would benefit from their support in weapons, intelligence and other supplies. They are actually birds of the same plumage! Themselves plan, attack. They themselves go on the offensive, even if they stop some who will be presented as ADFs and sacrifice others to give the impression that it was indeed an incursion of the enemy. And they make the descent to the place to see the facts. Understand who can.

Troop deployments, a harbinger of an imminent storm

In this regard, at the time of writing this article, among the presumed ADF arrested, 4 young people are currently in prison. These young people were recruited by the army and sent to Kamina a year ago. Two of them were arrested in the recent attack on Brigadier General Marcel Mbangu Mashita and two others on the Mbau-Kamango road. Of these four, one had been accompanied by his father in whose presence he had flown to Kamina. Wanting to know how his son was able to leave Kamina to find himself in the ranks of the ADF, his father was questioned by the security services who asked him to keep the affair quiet, at the risk of being also eliminated. This fact proves to the satisfaction that young people are recruited to be trained and subsequently deployed in their own environment to serve as murderers and ultimately to support the thesis that the massacres of Beni are indeed committed by the sons of the place.

This terrible plan was also confirmed by a girl kidnapped last month. She was saved for recognizing one of the executioners:
« I was about to be killed. When the murderer was about to hit me, God gave me the grace to look up to those around him. And what was my surprise to recognize among them a friend of mine who was recruited a year ago and started training. I know with what force, I shouted and called him: « Kasero », you too are here! And you let me die! With these words, he gave the order to let me go.

Faced with these overwhelming facts and testimonies, the population must be wary of new troops of the soldiers who are deployed in the area. These deployments do not announce a good weather but are warning signs of the storm

One fact is sure: For those who know the environment, the population is well and truly caught. The enemy is at the door. He has already entered. After driving her out of her fields, here she is more than ever surrounded. Who can not remember what Mende said when he asked the people to leave their fields and confine themselves to the city. The goal was clear: burn the attic and let the population die slowly in the city, no longer having access to his fields because now occupied by the invader. By then, he will not be able to move beyond one kilometer. The fruit will be wall and the final assault can be launched. Benilubero will return to it in its next editions to deliver to national and international opinion the irrefutable evidence of the last preparations for this assault by the regime.

The international community must act here and now

Benilubero takes into witness the international community by its eye the MONUSCO. It must initiate an investigation into these facts. And the easiest way is to go to LAHÉ in the east of the city of Beni to confirm our information and put an end to this cavalry of death. Failure to act would make it guilty of the massacres and terrorist acts that are being prepared there.

« It is thus understood the grave danger of any extension to the power of Joseph Kabila. Congolese worthy of the name must reject any form of transition. Indeed, given what is happening in Kivu- Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016 would allow time and resources to the Congolese government which is, obviously, an accomplice of the Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri in progress « (Father Vincent Machozi, March 19, 2016, speech that earned his murder the next day)

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