Symbole de Kyaghanda Yira Photo BLO, par Georges NOKO

Beni-Lubero: The wisdom of Kyaghanda foils a plan of carnage in Kasindi


On the occasion of the tension which had taken hold of the locality of Kasindi-Lubiriha on 06 August 2017, the Yira community showed a great superiority of spirit by adopting a wise behavior which swept away at a stroke all alibis of the carnage that the services of the order had engineered under the leadership of the leaders of the country. The Kyaghanda relocated its 10th International Conference of Kasindi (territory of Beni) to Butembo, in the territory of Lubero.

Indeed, on the pretext of banning this conference, a very strong military and police apparatus had just deployed in Kasindi. The room that was scheduled to host this conference in Kasindi was encircled throughout the night from 06 to 07 August. In view of the indifference of the population, whose influx into this place resembled a challenge to the security forces, they finally decided to attack the civilians who had come to meet the « Rwenzori 2017 » if the mass of the guests did not disperse. An ultimatum was launched by the police and military limiting the delay of their patience at 10 am the morning of 07 August 2017.

The Kyaghanda, who had understood the depths of the official’s intentions and his agents of terror deployed on the spot, resolved to transfer to Butembo the holding of the expected seat. Trucks were requisitioned from the voluntary economic operators to help move the guests. Kyaghanda officials felt it was wise to act in such a way as to preserve the lives of the multitudes of members of his community against the rage of those who threaten them with extermination through proven wrong intensions.

Thus, Benilubero Online will continue to update the work of this 10th International Kyaghanda-Yira conference live from Butembo at every stage of its evolution as soon as the starting device will be reported.

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