Les outils "Kasuku" devenus armés d'attaque des domiciles privés à Butembo et à Beni

Butembo: Operation Kasuku always on the front page, people injured and kidnapped …


The population of the town of Butembo continues to languish under the threat of armed bandits who constantly disturb their peace of mind by visiting targeted houses on a daily basis. Two highlights were again recorded at the beginning of this new week.

On the night of September 25 to 26, 2017, from 23:00 to midnight, a group of well armed locals locally called « kasuku » attacked the residence of Mr. Kambale François in the Bwinongo district of Mususa commune. After breaking the door of the home, they penetrated the lens and operated in complete tranquility for about an hour of time. In their act of intimidation to bring Monsieur François out of the money they wished, they did not hesitate to molest him to the point of seriously wounding him in the head. They succeeded in carrying off all that might please them. The survivor is admitted to medical care at the Katwa hospital.

During the same night, other groups of such bandits kidnapped Mr. Paluku Kasusi, a sentinel from a Guest House on Avenue Baswagha, near the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Matanda, in Butembo. There, too, they forced the grid of the hotel to operate there quietly and without interference as long as possible. The result of this operation is the extortion of five hundred US dollars (US $ 500) and the removal of the sentry missing so far.

The description of such events is by no means a routine, despite their almost daily repetition. It would be necessary to find there a real cry of alarm of a population that does not know to which saint to confess to the indifference of the so-called authorities of the country sadly insensitive to the suffering of their citizens.

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