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Butembo: The authorities should resign, they are incapable …!



Joint announcement of the communal cores of the Civil Society Butembo N ° 001 / August 2017 relating to the operation Kasuku.

Gathered on Tuesday 22 August 2017 in an extraordinary atmosphere at the Hotel Auberge de Butembo, the communal cores of the Civil Society have focused their attention on the security situation described as dramatic since the beginning of this year 2017.

The frustration of the Bubolais and Bubolaises is obviously at its height. The latter no longer know which saint to pray in the face of the ascent to insecurity in Butembo and to the immobility coupled with the inefficiency of security services we quote: the Congolese National Police, the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic Congo and the National Intelligence Agency.
Above all its activities, the communal cores of the Civil Society carried out a monitoring of human rights of which the Bubolais and Bubolaises are victims.

From this monitoring, it emerges that no night passes without the recording of cases of serious violations of human rights including:

Armed robbery; Death threats; Assassinations; Abductions and kidnappings; Torture; Arbitrary arrest and detention; Rape and sexual violence; Etc.

To illustrate this, some salient cases have attracted the attention of the communal cores of the Civil Society, namely:
The murder of Mr. Mbusa Mutaghanwza Vihamba on the night of 19-20 August 2017 in Mitohya cell No. 90, Bwinongo district, in Mususa commune by gunmen dressed in police uniforms;

In the same night, four people were seriously injured in Kimemi commune in the Bwinyole district, respectively:
Ms. Kyakimwa Kamuha;
Mr. Muhindo Syaliamuvana;
Mr. Paluku Musukali Jean-Marie;
Mr. Aimé Kalemba.

During the night of 18-19 August, bandits carrying firearms and kasuku visited several homes in the Makangala cell in the Mukuna district;

On the night of August 21-22, 2017, several neighborhoods were visited by bandits armed with firearms and white weapons, resulting in the crackling of bullets in Vusenzera in the Vutsundo district and in the Makasi district in the shopping center. In the Mususa commune, these same bandits disturbed the tranquility of the inhabitants in the Bwinongo and Katwa districts, while in Bulengera the districts of the Bishopric, Mutiri and Mukuna were affected.

The communal cores of the Civil Society deplores the absence and / or escape of the responsibilities of all the authorities of the town of Butembo and especially the burgomasters of the communes Mususa during the funeral and the mourning of Mr. Mbusa Mutaghanzwa Vihamba. The bourgmestre of the commune Kimemi and his security services never visited the 4 victims seriously wounded in the Vubange cell, hospitalized at the HGR of Matanda. The same is true of the bourgmestre of the Bulengera commune, which has remained inert for more than a month while its population is crying for help.

Political, administrative, police and security authorities in any event are overtaken by events. Indeed, it is more than 8 months that the phenomenon Kasuku has not eradicated.

This press release does not have the ambition to make a new analysis of insecurity in Butembo, but to provide analysts and political-administrative-police-military officials with the raw recommendations expressed by the Bubolese directly threatened by the insecurity became commonplace and almost permanent in Butembo.

All of these human rights violations are aggravated by the fact that in many cases the perpetrators, mainly men with Kalashnikovs and white arms (Kasuku and machetes), would benefit from the impunity and protection of some officials.
Peace and security not having price, the communal cores of the Civil Society, support the dead city day of this Wednesday 23 August 2017 and asks the whole population of the city of Butembo not to go to its occupations unless one is accomplices of the bandits Kasukwistes and / or Kasukuman. It’s up to the population to kindle, take charge and remain vigilant as the Mayor of Butembo had emphasized in his words of helplessness in the face of the insecurity in the city of Butembo.

Thus, the communal cores of the Civil Society require the unconditional departure and / or mutation of the security services including the PNC, the FARDC and the ANR because of having shown the inability to secure the population of Butembo,
To the other politico-administrative, police and military authorities to: Reorganize, strengthen and control their troops day and night;
Undertake thorough investigations to dismantle the urban terrorist network commonly known as Kasukwiste and / or Kasukuman;

To the mayor and his deputy to bend to the resolutions passed at the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Urban Coordination of the Civil Society of Butembo held on August 18, 2017 in the Monsignor Isse SOMO hall.

The communal cores of the Civil Society take the population witnesses to this silence and to the immobilism of the authorities of the city, a silence that borders complicity. Thus the communal cores of the Civil Society, threatens to call on the economic operators to refrain from paying taxes of the town hall and the communes if this insecurity persists. And to the drivers of motorcycles and vehicles to tax incidences related to road traffic.

Done in Butembo
22 August 2017

For the communal cores of the civil society of Butembo:

Jackson BWAHASA: Joint Chairman Kimemi: 0994028660

Muyisa Engulu Jacques: Joint President Mususa: 0994259048

Muhindo Musitu Chaffi: Joint President Bulengera: 0970954666

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