Colonel ANGOLE MBULA Bovic, another « Mamadou » in Ituri. Who ordered his assassination?


On Tuesday, July 17, 2018, the Iturian people, like all the Congolese national opinion, received the news of the unexpected death of Colonel Angole Mbula Bovic, second commander in charge of operations and intelligence of the 3201st FARDC regiment based in Djugu territory. Until then, the responsibility for the assassination of this valiant FARDC officer was bequeathed to the assailants not otherwise identified. Benilubero Online, for its part, took an interest in this event and did not want to be overwhelmed by presumptuous speculations and information, by dropping its own investigations whose following result:

1. Colonel Angole Mbula Bovic was indeed killed, shot on board the jeep carrying him back from Bunia to his home post in Djugu territory. The scene is set at the Kpegbele River that separates the villages of Pimbo and Pitso in the walendu Djatsi sector in Djugu territory.

2. However, local witnesses report that there was no attack on the jeep carrying Colonel Angole and his bodyguards, nor in the vicinity of the place where he was killed at the time of his death.

3. It has been established that the victim was shot by persons who had taken him with him in the jeep that was returning him, that is, he was killed by his own bodyguards. That’s why they could only get by, except for one of them who, by way of masquerade, put a sign of injury on his arm.

4. It was after killing their leader that these bodyguards pretended to have found their salvation in their bush retreat, from where they warmed the atmosphere with heavy gunfire, up to to panic the inhabitants of the surroundings of the crime scene, as if there was confrontation or attack of the attackers.

5. On the other hand, the peasants interviewed throughout the territory of Djugu do not hesitate to express their disappointment and their anger against the hierarchical authorities of Colonel Angole, whom they openly accuse of being the real sponsors of the death of this man. valiant officer who has sacrificed so much to eradicate the attackers slaughtering civilians and setting fire to houses in Djugu territory since February of this year.

6. In furthering the investigations into the Irumu territory, similar testimonies were collected. Colonel Angole is recognized as the hero whose courage and dedication, loyalty and patriotic love have halted the massacres, the scale of which, from Djugu and Irumu, tended to ignite all of Ituri. Everyone who knew him, or who had heard of his actions in Ituri, applauded him with the same honors applauded by Colonel Mamadou and General Bauma in North Kivu.

7. Sources close to the headquarters of the 34th FARDC military region in Bunia, on condition of anonymity, said that the country’s political hierarchy, if not the presidency of the Republic, was so dissatisfied with the Colonel Angole’s zeal, which she considered rather a real obstacle to the plan of massacre and chaos that had just begun in Ituri. Colonel Angole, therefore, deserved death, a death in the sense of that which had carried off Colonel Mamadou; a planned and planned death. All instructions for the assassination were given to his corps ranks from the military hierarchy based in Bunia, before starting that day the return to Djugu.

It is urgent that justice take seriously the surviving bodyguards, in order to obtain all the truths about such a heinous crime. But, some people are justifiably afraid that a new judicial theater will be set up to cover the culprits of this crime, like what was observed around the trial of Colonel Mamadou’s death, when we remember that everything was done by the power in place to erase all possible traces, even assassinating the driver who possessed most of the secrecy wanted by the court.

The assassination of Colonel Angole is a great betrayal for the people of Ituri who will constantly salute his efforts for the return of security in certain areas that were plagued by massacres, looting and malicious destruction. Every individual in Ituri unambiguously knows President Kabila’s fanciful intentions to drain the flood on this province, as he did in North Kivu. A harsh warning is being issued to the deputies, economic operators and other actors who, for selfish interests, continue to offer him the chance to multiply his crimes against innocents not only in Ituri, but also in North Kivu and across all the countries.

It is up to us to hope that the death of Colonel Angole will never go unpunished, if not under the current calamitous regime, but sooner or later, because the new era is already on the horizon.


©Beni-Lubero Online.


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