Do you Know Where the South-Sudanese Chef Rebel is Hiding ? – The Secret of Pact KABILA – MACHAR


Riek Machar and a number of his troops are settled in Dungu Territory, in the Province of Haut-Uélé, DRC, since a certain time. This information was meant not to be known neither by Congolese people nor by foreign opinions. Taken in charge by the Congolese government, Machar can freely travel from Dungu to Kinshasa by the special presidential jet.

The prolonged stay of the Congolese President in the Eastern Congo has allowed us to discover the hidden face of the one who once was held as hero of peace the year that marked the end of rebellion in the DRC and his ramifications. Today, the time has come for the world to understand why the DRC has never known peace under his reign.

On August 17, 2016, as the nation and the world still had their attention on the events subsequent to the massacres in Beni, the Congolese President took that opportunity to go unnoticed on a top-secret mission at Aru, a town located in the far north-east of the country.

Which kind of mission was that all about? Certainly not to find a solution to massacres of the innocents of Beni or to the recurrent insecurity in Garamba National Park and other peace related issues in the region. On the contrary, Mr. the President is engaged in setting fire, and make it burn even ardently where it wouldn’t have been.

Joseph Kabila has thus decided to seal secretly an alliance with the South-Sudanese Chief Rebel, Mr. Riek Machar who is currently fighting President Salva Kiir’s legal government of the young Republic of Soutth Sudan. The Congolese president flew over Butembo and Beni, sneeringly looking down upon the poor mourners of their loved ones massacred in Beni, and landed at Aru, where he had to partake in a historic meeting with Machar.

Among his acolytes to support him in this program were General GAHIZI, General AKILI MUHINDO alias MUNDOS, general BONANE, Senator John TIBASIMA MBOGEMU ATEENYI, Honorable AUTSAI ASENGA (former Governor of Province Orientale), etc.

The essential of their meeting consisted of the following agreements:


– Congolese president, Joseph KABILA, ensured Riek Machar and his troops to offer them asylum on the Congolese territory, in order to establish their military base in Dungu territory, precisely in Garamba national park. In fact, approximately 10,000 Machar’s troops are already on Congolese territory, precisely in the triangular zone expanding from Kengezi-Base (Ingbokolo) to Doruma, all through the Garamba. General BONANE has been appointed to take care of these South Sudanese rebels and create favorable conditions for them, and help them in military recruitment and formation in Aba area on account of the alliance Kabila-Machar.

– The Congolese President will be in charge of providing his guests with all that they need, including health care for Machar’s troops. Effectively, General Bonane is already supervising medical treatments of Machar’s wounded soldiers in health facilities in Dungu. In fact, one Machar’s military officer has been transferred to Bunia, in Ituri, for proper medical treatment at Bunia General Hospital.


– Meanwhile, it has been agreed upon that Riek Machar will give priority to supporting Kabila in his effort to pervade general chaos and take the Eastern and North-Eastern regions of DRC. Kabila requested Machar to immediately provide him with 2,000 soldiers who will be used to support Rwandan immigrants settled in Boga and Tchabi, and to exterminate the local people in the way of what has been going on in Beni since two years now.

Note that a Congolese businessman named IDI TABAN has been associated in this enterprise to supply stuff to the troops and to mobilize the Kakwa community from Congo, Uganda, and South-Sudan to provide potential candidates for recruitment needed for Kabila-Machir alliance. However, Senator TIBASIMA has been appointed to supervise the follow up of this alliance in Bunia and mobilize Hema notabilities for this cause, while taking care of medical treatments of the rebels admitted in Bunia hospitals…

After this meeting, Kabila and Machar went together spend a night in Isiro to continue their private discussions. Kabila regained Goma the following day.

Boshab à Garamba

It is in this evil undertaking that the Congolese vice Prime minister and Home Land Security Minister, Mr. Evariste Boshab undertook a quick visit at Garamba last August 18, 2016 in order to finalize the planning of the Kabila-Machar project and take adequate dispositions to care for Machar’s troops and to secure their military base that will be established in Garamba national park. It is during his visit that the above attached photo was taken.

In addition, Mr. ABDALLAH PENEMBAKA, Governor of Ituri Province, was instructed to take appropriate dispositions for the success of this Kabila’s project. That is the reason why he visited Kangezi Base last August 19, 2016, where, on the command of President Kabila, he has to meet with Riek Machar and his 300 men.

Meanwhile, it is apparent that Riek Machar’s troops are already arriving massively in Isiro. Isiro airport has suddenly become busier and busier with suspects traffics and flights. Libyans are also allegedly named among arriving mercenaries. Curiously, it has been observed that the staff at Isiro airport from the Nande ethnic community have been imposed a vacation. Joseph Kabila’s secret services suspect them for leaking secret information concerning the project plan that is underway in the region.

In addition, it has been planned that Machar should travel to Kinshasa, then to Ethiopia for lobbying in favor of this new alliance between him and the Congolese President.

See now how the Chef Executive of the DRC has finally distinguished himself as expert in supporting negative forces in this region of his country! It seems as if it was not sufficiently enough or successful for him to having created local armed groups (CNDP, M23, and other different groups of Mai-Mai). So, he has now become “international” recruiter. He has been sponsoring also FDLR (from Rwanda), ADF-NALU (from Uganda), LRA (from Uganda). Now he has brought in and is sponsoring rebels from South Sudan. So you see, those are guests of honor invited by the Congolese President to crash down the Congolese local people and citizens. What a horrible thing!

And, if that is the real objective of the power of Joseph Kabila as President of the country, how could one expect peace in the Eastern DRC and the whole Great Lakes Region?

The day before he was gruesomely murdered, Father Vincent Machozi posted on benilubero online, saying:

« One thus understands the serious danger of extending Joseph Kabila’s power beyond constitutional presidential terms. Congolese worthy of this name must refuse any kind of betrayal. In fact, given what is happening in Kivu-Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016, would give time and means for to the Congolese government which is evidently accomplice in Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri underway” (Father Vincent MACHOZI, March 19, 2016).

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