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Eritreans and Sudanese at the door of North Kivu !!!


The veiled face of the new migration policy of Rwanda President : threat on Kivu-Ituri

Israel for more than a year is working on the expulsion of foreign refugees. According to figures from the Ministry of the Interior, 38,000 people are concerned, the majority of whom are Eritreans and Sudanese (http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/NGOs-blast-govt-plan-for-deportation-or-incarceration-of-African-migrants-532779).

Since last week, the Israel government has just presented a program of voluntary departure to these refugees: a free plane ticket with 3,000 dollars for their insertion in the places they will have to join. They have until March 2018 to benefit from this donation. Beyond this deadline, they will be expelled manu militari (https://www.i24news.tv/fr/actu/israel/societe/164286-180103-israel-lance-un-programme-d-expulsion-de-dizaines-de-milliers-de-migrants-clandestins). The Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees by the words of Ms. Amara Newman, denounced Israel’s decision as a violation of refugees rights. The people concerned reject this decision because they do not see how they will go to an unknown country without any residence permit in this country being issued to them.

What is surprising is that these Eritrean and Sudanese refugees will not be expatriated to their countries of origin, which Israel considers dangerous and perilous for their lives. Among the host countries is Rwanda, following the agreements that Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu signed during his visits to Africa in 2017 (http://www.rfi.fr/afrique/20171129-israel-va-ouvrir-une-ambassade-kigali-rwanda).

The decision is all the more surprising as this host country is experiencing a high population growth, as was the announcement by Rwanda to host on its soil African refugees, slaves in Libya, two months ago (http://www.france24.com/fr/20171123-libye-rwanda-esclavage-pret-accueillir-30-000-migrants-africains). The question is how does a country that has no space to contain its own populations accept to welcome a flow of foreign populations on its soil? What land will he give them to work, when his people do not have? It is known that it is a country with a strong demography since the colonial period, to the point that after the genocide of 1994 it was affirmed that it was urgent to find other countries to accommodate not only the Hutu refugees present in neighboring countries but also Rwandan populations in Rwanda who would like to seek another living environment. Today, it is no secret that the various armed groups operating in eastern Congo are the creation of Kagame and Joseph Kabila to help the settlement of these populations in DR Congo. The consequences are disastrous: more than six million Congolese died as a result of this policy. A real genocide that makes it almost impossible for peaceful cohabitation between the populations of the Great Lakes regions.

These groups are sometimes supported by mercenaries from neighboring countries. The memory is still fresh. Less than a year ago, Joseph Kabila brought in Sudanese mercenaries to help in the massacres of the Congolese people (https://benilubero.com/encadrement-des-rebelles-sud-soudanais-sur-le-territoire-congolais-par-la-monusco-et-le-gouvernement/). As for the presence of Eritreans in the FARDC, this is not a secret for anyone (https://benilubero.com/tractation-du-kivu-kabila-recoure-aux-mercenaires/). In the massacre areas, their presence has been reported more than once.

This is why voices are rising against the arrival of Eritreans and Sudanese in Rwanda. Well-informed associations and organizations see Rwanda’s generosity as a source of labor against the DR Congo. This country, to tell the truth, would only constitute transit to the east of our country, after it has offered military training to these refugees. Behind this reception a priori humanitarian would hide a clear objective and well thought out: to reinforce the invasion of the DRC which is already under way to finally lead to its balkanization or at least to continue to have access to its minerals whose North Kivu abounds. In the Euronews issue of Thursday 4 January 2018 at 8 pm, a refugee quoting his friend brought to Rwanda says that once in this country they are sent to a third country. Uganda, which Israel also described as the second host country, is disturbed by this information and has just denied any agreement with Israel to receive these refugees (https://www.voaafrique.com/a/ouganda-dement-accord-israel-accueil-migrants/4191910.html).

It is to be feared that Israel was not informed of all these risks before asking Rwanda to host these refugees? Certainly, any country is free to define its foreign policy and to establish relations with whomever it wants. However, bringing to the Great Lakes region populations whose countries are the main breeding ground for mercenaries who participate in the Congolese genocide is a threat to the restoration of peace in this region. To avoid being accused of being an accomplice in the genocide of the Congolese, it is in Israel’s interest to solicit another country other than the Great Lakes or to postpone its decision until there are institutions elected and legitimate in DR Congo with whom he can negotiate a possible reception. Because it seems clear that our country is the final destination of these refugees.

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