Ne Muanda Nsemi, le chef politico-religieux de Budu dia Kongo

Escape from Makala (Kinshasa): A soldier of the Republican Guard reveals a spicy secret!


One adage has always led to the belief that there is nothing that will remain veiled under the sun. The testimony of a soldier actor in the scene of the alleged attack on the prison of Makala in Kinshasa dated May 17, 2017 opens the belly of the boa. This indiscreet language, which must remain anonymous to protect it from the vapor of the script’s sponsors, unlocks the most sensitive secret of this montage in the following way:

From the organizer of the operation

Everything is oriented towards the hypothesis of several observers who suspected a priori that it was an operation proper of the Bundu Mayala group, thus putting all the suspicions on the political and security leaders at the highest level of the Hierarchy of the country. We find ourselves in front of the same criminals, with the return on the podium of the sadly « national hero » the assassin of Floribert TCHEBEYA and Fidèle BAZANA, that is to say General John Numbi.

The latter set up the plan of the operation to be carried out against the prison of Makala, namely the attack and the escape. The commando of this action consisted of a team of Tutsi Rwandophone soldiers who were associated with some elements of Bundu Mayala who had just been corrupted for the money prize. Indeed, this reality makes it clear that the release of other members of Bundu Mayala from the Ndolo prison (Kinshasa) was also observed only two days later in the aftermath of the escape event in Makala.

Objective: Exfilter Ne Mwana Nsemi to Kigali (Rwanda)

The witness continues the sequence of the scenario. Bundu Mayala elements that were used after corruption were first infiltrated into the cell of Ne Mwana Nsemi to persuade them that they had just organized an operation to release him from detention. By rushing through the confusion of the facts that were unfolding (break of doors, firing of arms, fires …), he will find himself in the hands of the heavily armed soldiers who waited for him outside. Immediately, his executioners quickly instructed him to take him to N’djili airport (Kinshasa International Airport).

Our witness wanted to reassure himself of what he had heard (« destination: airport »), took care to contact one of his colleagues attached to Nd’jili airport to check the rest of the story. He was informed that around 5 am a team arrived at the airport in the form of a very expeditious escort. This team went to the foot of a GOMAIR aircraft through a very suspicious movement marked by harassment hustle. After an express embarkation, this aircraft took off immediately to Kigali, according to the confirmation of an agent of the company. From then on, our source reassured that Ne Mwana Nsemi had indeed arrived in N’djili from where he would have been forced to take the direction of Rwanda.

Is Ne Mwana Nsemi alive or dead?

The exact fate of Ne Mwana Nsemi to this day remains a mystery. It remains particularly difficult to say that he would still be alive or whether he would have been executed. Until now, the Congolese Government continues to maintain a lie that he escaped from Makala after the attacks carried out by its followers, and that he would continue to utter threats and insults against the power in place. The authorities of the country should be asked to stop this lie, as long as they can not officially imply an active voice of the individual on the media, as proof that he is alive and free somewhere.

It should be emphasized that the strategy of exfiltering Rwandan opponents of the Kigali alliance with its Congolese puppets is not a story that started with the deportation of Ne Mwana Nsemi. Before him, other nationalist Congolese have already been punished by this kind of tactic, and opinions have always been taunted by scenarios of accidents or armed attacks. Among the victims of this work hall was formerly General Kisasu Ngandu, who was attacked and kidnapped on his way between Goma and Rutshuru and was brought to his final punishment in Kigali; His burned vehicle was burnt without him. Later, Governor Kanyamuhanga of Goma will suffer the same fate. And the list is much broader than can be exhaustively detailed.



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