Manifstants commémorant le premier anniversaire de la mort du père Vincent Machozi



Mabalako Health Area Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Germain Kamaliro, was kidnapped at Vusendo. The event took place on Friday, 15 September 2017, while the victim was traveling to Goma on a public transport mini bus. This doctor, accompanied by the pharmacist from her work area, was traveling in an official mission framework of service. Mabalako where they come from is located in Beni territory. The young doctor is a citizen of the Catholic University of Graben of Butembo.

This incident is causing great concern in the victim’s workplace and with their families. Indeed the kidnappers have adopted this bad habit of kidnapping people to demand exorbitant ransoms. Often belonging to the class of doctors or humanitarian workers gives rise to the claim of a more exaggerated ransom of up to tens of thousands of US dollars.

It is urgent that efforts be made by the competent security services to help the victims of the dirty business who is selling human life for money in North Kivu.

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