Kamerhe et Tshilombo, les agents de Joseph Kabila masqués au sein de l'opposition

Geneva Accord: The secret behind the withdrawal of signature of the UDPS and the UNC


The shameful secrecy that led to the torpedoing in less than 24 hours later the choice of a single candidate of the opposition, that our guilty leaders will never admit to their militants, appears in the open. Woe, woe to my people! When the presumed backbones of the struggle for change and the progress of the nation through unity are suddenly revealed as the main pangs of the servitude of the people and the balkanization of the country …

The game was carefully planned well before the meeting in Geneva: it is necessary to destroy the last hope of the people which is none other than a combined force of the opposition. The actors playing Judas Iscariot are always the same. Benilubero Online has investigated deeply these facts until obtaining material evidence on the corruption of these pseudo-political leaders, these deceivers of the people, who feed the Nation of a gaping and illusory hope, knowing the blow that they prepare in their nature of « TREATRES ». Vital KAMERHE and Félix TSHISEKEDI, respectively president of the UNC and the UDPS, each received $ 10 million from Joseph Kabila only to destroy the political opposition and ridicule the work that was going on. to do in Geneva. These sadists, without any compassion, will never be able to measure the weight of the suffering that endures our people. These opportunists, they will never change! This is the story of the UDPS throughout 36 years of its pseudo-struggle for democracy! Such is really the deep nature of Vital Kamerhe since Joseph Kabila usurped the chair of Mzee; besides, he will never find enough argument to justify today his pretended passage on the side of the opposition, after his eulogy of deifying such a president at once criminal and deceitful … Understand by that « Why I chose Joseph Kabila « (says Kamerhe), and discover through his daily behavior that he will never disavow it! The game of playing « Kabila’s camera in the opposition » actually pays better than a ministerial position.

While the opinions continue to be distracted by this show of withdrawal of signatures, Joseph Kabila is preparing to land in Kisangani by a few mornings to personally coordinate the country’s plan for balkanization, focusing his attention on the east. Troops from the former M23 and CNDP are waiting for the sound of the horn to kick off. The ground is already marked: in all the former province Orientale and all the former Kivu, the key positions of the army and security are held by ex-CNDP and pro-Balkanization Congolese, the Rwandan troops flood openly the cities and countries of the east of the country; they encircle Beni, Butembo, Goma, Rutshuru, Bunia, Uvira …

The destruction of the Geneva agreement by the withdrawal of signatures of those who prefer money over the liberation of the Nation, this is a new opportunity that takes Kabila from his pit, to continue to extend his servitude on the Congolese. What more can be said? The Tshisekedi family has continued to sell naive Congolese at a low price. Even today, there is! Vital Kamerhe and Félix Tshisekedi are now the main pillars on which the predator regime and the country’s balkanization plan are based.

The Congolese still worthy of the name, whether they are in the army or in civilian life, wherever they may be, must rise up right now to defend the nation and put the executioners and their accomplices out of harm’s way.

Banza Lutundula

©Beni-Lubero Online.


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