Soldats CNDP vêtus en uniformes des FARDC

In Kabasha, the machine is on its way to start a new East War


Kabasha’s Firm Hope reveals its disastrous secrets.

The attacks continue to intensify against the FARDC, the government army, in the Kabasha district, about ten kilometers from Beni on the axis that leads to Butembo. The population inhabiting the area invaded by the battle is on the move to seek asylum in neighboring localities. But the official now has to stop falling asleep opinions by a false claim stipulating acts of the coalition ADF and May-May.

A trio Kinshasa – Kigali – M23 is determined to start the war of the secession of the East of the country from the countries of Beni where all necessary pretexts are gathered to cover and hide the true physiognomy of such a war. BLO investigations have found the game « played » behind the curtain of massacres and recurrent insecurities in the Beni region: Joseph Kabila has chosen to give full power to James Kabarebe to organize a new setback against the loyalist forces of the FARDC and the Population of eastern DRC. From Kigali, James Kabarebe remains the true Minister of Defense of Joseph Kabila as the hidden face of the latter’s power to decimate the dreams (sovereignty) of the Congolese.

A Congolese from Masisi, who lives in South Africa, whose identity we refrain from immediately exposing, became the candidate who must bear the political responsibility for the machinations of Kabila and Kabarebe who, terrified by the threat of Angola to restore political order in Kinshasa (by halting Joseph’s dictatorial fury), are in a hurry to find a clearance land in Kabila, near its sponsors who will be able to support it in order to continue its reign. The objective is to help Kabila return to the East under the umbrella of Rwandans (Hutu and Tutsi immigrating to the DRC) and Congolese Rwandophones (Banyamulenge and Banyabwisha sensitized by Serufuli Ngayabaseka). These are the deep reasons for all these waves of migrations of strangers that have been observed for several years in Lubero, Beni and Ituri.

Masisi’s son became the chief executor of Kabila’s orders and Kabarebe providentially fell on a May-May classic Nande of Beni-Lubero who will now wear the cap of the bloodthirsty Richard Bisambaza. Yes, Lafontaine, the famous patron of Mai-mai PARECO, now transformed into the Union of Congolese Patriots for Peace (UPCP in acronym) was registered in the « school of criminality » with Colonel deserter Bisambaza in Kampala in Uganda, Where he must draw on the ideology of his new mission. But he will not be alone in the visible face of the war that begins with Kabasha / Beni. Others Mai-mai of the ex-Vurondo of Major Saperita (acting under the auspices of Kakolele who is also outside the country) are already working after recovering for the occasion many criminals recently released from prison From Kangbayi to Beni. Today, those whom the Congolese government identifies with Mai-mai on the fronts of Kabasha are heavily armed soldiers and equipped with sophisticated communication devices impossible to find within the reach of the ordinary Mai-mai known in the middle. Much more, who would really be these May-May faces (morphology) Rwandan or nilo-hamites? The witnesses are watching …

And among the civilian population, the disinformation machine was in the person of Omar Kavota, the former vice-coordinator of civil society in North Kivu. The CEPADHO association that it manages has been stimulated and is supported by the power in place to incarnate the fallacious arguments of President Kabila in his concern to drown the indigenous people in the case of the massacres of Beni: it is Why, during the entire period of the massacres until the attacks on Kabasha these days, Kavota continues to deliberately disorient opinions by insisting that the perpetrators of the tragedies are alleged ADFs associated with May-May. Yet, even today, the suspected May-May and ADF who fell on the battle-field even carried to Kabasha (yesterday and the day before) the face of the Rwandans.

In fact, BLO had long denounced the secret stockpiling of weapons and the clandestine cantonments of troops infiltrated at the presidential farm in Kabasha (Beni). This was the main cause of the May-May attack on the suspect soldiers gathered on this farm in August 2016, following the Rwangoma massacres, when there was evidence that an important reinforcement of the killers came from Said farm.

At a time when these intruders are actually starting the war by Kabasha, the local population, North Kivu or the entire East, as well as the Congolese in general, should be very vigilant, never to fall back Their trap. Sufficiently sophisticated strategies are devised to conceal the colonialist project of the invaders, including the following:
– the arguments prepared to justify the new invasion war are succulent claims claiming to call for elections within the time frame required by the political agreements signed today;
– there are so many other social demands that have been the concern of the people in the field of development. Everything is done to attract the sympathy of ordinary Congolese and without critical vision.

However, Joseph Kabila is the patron of the scenario of a new rebellion, which is no more or less a tragic theater equal to what he did in complicity with those who were called First the CNDP and then the M23 whose outcome culminated in agreements that deprived the true Congolese of all their legitimate interests, to gratify foreigners by entrusting them with the control and management of all The country’s natural resources: natural resources, public enterprises, armed forces and security services, state institutions, etc.

Now, what is on the horizon promises to be worse than anything: cutting up the East and reducing its natives to the vassals.

Kadima Yoshua Y.

« It is thus understood the grave danger of any extension to the power of Joseph Kabila. Congolese worthy of the name must reject any form of transition. Indeed, given what is happening in Kivu- Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016 would allow time and resources to the Congolese government which is, obviously, an accomplice of the Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri in progress « (Father Vincent Machozi, March 19, 2016, speech that earned his murder the next day)

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