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Incredible but true: the delegations succeed to BENI empty-handed!


It is surprising: it seems that the massacres of Congolese BENI have become so commonplace that the assistance to the victims and honor to their memories are leaving the spirit of the institutions.

In fact, while elsewhere those who know about the disasters and the disasters received were only a symbolic assistance or even promises, in BENI the families bury their loved ones, then follow messages of compassions and promises, mostly without a gesture.
Recently, after a huge flurry of messages of solidarity that followed the massacre of September 22, 2018, we expected actions, but the people and the victims consume only one thing: words.

Surprising surprises, high-level delegations succeed to BENI, always empty-handed.

No assistance even for families who have had to go into debt often to bury their dead was not provided by the Governor of North Kivu Province (a former mayor of BENI), nor by the FARDC Chief of General Staff. , who nevertheless represented the National Executive, nor by the mega-delegation of the National Assembly.

We are surprised that this seems normal: in BENI, nothing is given, no national mourning, no measures to put an end to the killings despite the many recommendations and promising promises with sandy results.

When we kill Beni, sometimes the RTNC does not even talk about it.

Not even a passage on the screen of « The Voice of the People » after for example the killings of September 22!

Elsewhere: national grief, assistance, effective decisions …

Aligning the meetings, the elected representatives of the people received nothing as humanitarian intervention while the situation of the victims and those of the displaced is catastrophic.

Worse: they do not even evoke the subject in their communications, and do not even apologize for having gone to a place of mourning provoked by the weaknesses of the institutions, including theirs, without the shadow of a contribution.

And all this seems unfair:

On the other side, in Kisantu, the picture is different: not only was a national mourning decreed, but the victims of the fire were buried with honor and their families assisted.

Would we be in two different countries?

This is the question that the inhabitants of North Kivu ask themselves, but with this others: how many deputies elected in North Kivu did not require even a symbolic gesture to comfort the victims during the preparation of their mission?

Really strange!

Jean Louis Ernest Kyaviro

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