"C'est le président de la République qui a donné l'ordre...", dit le témoin

Ituri: Congolese government should halt its dramatic play behind tension Hema – Ngiti


After the recent surge in tension between Hema and Ngiti in Ituri, it is scandalously reported an attitude of satisfaction in the political environment close to the family of the President of the Republic. It is therefore understandable that fire is being fueled by cynical political interests.

On the one hand, the central government, or rather the regime in place, never wanted to eradicate the FRPI phenomenon. Far from weakening, this militia paradoxically demonstrated the growth of its military capacities constantly from 2003, the year in which all militia parties involved in the intestine wars in Ituri decided to bury their hatchet. Colonel Cobra Matata soon became the star of this theater by becoming personally the bridge connecting the political laboratory of the head of state and the maquis of the FRPI. Sometimes arrested, sometimes released, this is the proof of this comedy of bad taste, of which all national and international opinions have been witnesses till these days.

Does the FRPI really possess a more powerful army than all these rebellions and armed groups (RCD, CNDP, M23, Enyele, Bundu dia Kongo, etc.) that the Government has succeeded, of course by various strategies, in reducing Silence in their military assets?

In Bunia, it is well known how often the FRPI militias were supplied with arms and ammunition by Congolese Government soldiers, directly or indirectly (by looting the weapons depots in the area of ​​operation). Multiple instances of cash financing have been denounced at times, delivered directly to Cobra Matata or Adirodhu Mbadu by proxies. The localities in the Walendu-Bindi area of ​​operations hide many secrets of collaboration between the regular army, the FARDC, and the FRPI militia. It must be understood that the eradication of the FRPI is neither in the will nor in the present intention of power at the head of the Republic. President Joseph Kabila has gradually transformed the FRPI into a personal reserve army, an instrument, an alibi of the plan of insecurity and chaos intended to cover the extension of the reign of a power disowned by the people but determined to impose Willy-nilly.

It will be difficult to find an offender in front of this moving government plan. Indeed, MONUSCO, which was supposed to impose loyalty in such a situation, has also proved to be an implicit partner in the construction of the FRPI. How many times did MONUSCO soldiers deliver ammunition to the FRPI militia? Thus, neither the central government nor MONUSCO having the mission to help the DRC to stabilize has nevertheless wished the disappearance of this famous militia.

At the appropriate time, Joseph’s regime knew he would need to resort to this militia. At first sight, he hoped that it would be easy enough to mix them with Hutu immigrants who are transplanted to Ituri for an evil purpose to the natives. Joseph Kabila envisaged a coalition between FRPI and this flow of Hutu hiding a whole myriad army of terror sharpening their sword to plunge Ituri into desolation. This dream has never been realized. The Ngiti have refused marriage with genocidal immigrants. Unfortunately, this did not change Kabila’s policy towards them, that is, to continue to strengthen their military capability.

On the other hand, a lobby is injected among the Hema to sensitize them to rearm themselves against their brothers and neighbors Ngiti in Ituri. The itinerary of this campaign takes its source in Kinshasa, passes through Kigali and reaches Ituri through the ex-supporters of the UPC. The hope of the sponsors rests on the reminder of the old days when the Hema, under the umbrella of Kigali and Uganda, reached the peak of their domination over the remains of the Iturian communities. The objective of power in Kinshasa is to bring the Hema into a new active war against the Ngiti.

In such a context, it is obviously easy to bequeath to the Ngiti (FRPI) responsibility for all the crimes that the Hema community suffers. However, such an extrapolation could be abusive. The Hutu (FDLR) transplanted into Irumu territory are far more experienced in all methods of killing and crime than the Ngiti. In addition, it was for this kind of activity that they were recruited and brought back to Ituri. Hence, although it is obvious that misconduct and abuses (plundering of property, theft of cows, sexual violence, killing, fire, etc.) are the almost natural lot of any militia group, for what is happening now Against the Hema in the Semuliki plain, there is ample evidence that Hutu immigrants from the south of Irumu behave as terrorists against indigenous peoples, that they are overwhelmed by the power in power, that they are protected in all The crimes for which they are responsible, and that they are killing people, plundering cows and other property among the Hema, according to the instructions they receive from the authorities entrusting them with this mission.

The Hema are innocently victims of the Machiavellian plan in motion. As much as the ADFs are an alibi of size to cover the crimes of the Congolese government in the massacres of Beni, the FRPI will be the privileged pretext of the massacres that the power wants to unleash in Ituri, where only the argument of the inter-ethnic conflicts has force Of conviction. Ngiti are excited to kill the Hema; And when their pace does not satisfy the expectation of the power that sends them there, Hutu terrorists in the south of Ituri as an immigrant are then dropped to compensate for their losses. The latter (immigrant Hutu) perform this task even more horribly; It is they who light the fire between Hema and Ngiti. Moreover, this massacre is recorded on both sides: the terrorists kill the Ngiti to excite them against the Hema, and vice versa. This is the game in which power, a political regime has enjoyed the DRC.

But why force the Hema to take up arms again and relive the pangs of war? What will happen when the Hema community, under the pressure of its emotions, decides to yield to temptation? These emotions are nevertheless justified because of the ardor of the suffering (slaughter and plunder) of which she is victim. From the outset, the grief is already perceptible through these words of circumstance (HEMA COMMUNITY DECLARATION …) pronounced by the president of the Hema community on the occasion of the funeral of two dead Hema victims in the context described above.

And yet, the power in place, in its sadism, pretends to have achieved its purpose. It is satisfaction.
What a horror! How long …?

TAMISI Grégoire J.

« It is thus understood the grave danger of any extension to the power of Joseph Kabila. Congolese worthy of the name must reject any form of transition. Indeed, given what is happening in Kivu- Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016 would allow time and resources to the Congolese government which is, obviously, an accomplice of the Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri in progress « (Father Vincent Machozi, March 19, 2016, speech that earned his murder the next day)

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