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Joseph Kabila is living his last days. Tribute to Heroes in the shadows!


On Friday, January 12, 2018, in his homily delivered at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Congo, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Kinshasa, Mgr. Donatien Bafuidinsoni, had the assembly rise when he declared: « This December 31st would remain in history as the day of the martyrs of the New Year’s Eve agreement « . A homily of a true combatant, like the goods of the words that Jesus pronounced against the power of evil! Yes, he said, you are heroes because you have mixed your blood with all those who died for the alternation of power, a pledge of democracy. And for that we will never forget you!

These words sound like an arrest in the ears of Benilubero! Today, the Kabila regime is living its last days. It will not last for long. At the dawn of the new era, we will mention names of celebrities who contributed to the dismantling of this regime. But there are many, heroes in the shadows. Without them the diabolical strategies of this regime and its sponsors against our country would not be known and our country would not exist today.

Following the appeal made by our bishops through the auxiliary bishop of Kinshasa, we want to honor in this article the determination of all those who are fighting for a new DR Congo! We tell them we will never forget them! We ask each province to stop, identify them and bring to the attention of the Congolese people the names of all those people who give their lives for alternation in power, a pledge of democracy and a fountain of peace.

Benilubero would like to set the tone by mentioning some who have exposed or even given their lives so that the complicity of the regime in the way of the cross that lives the Congolese people, particularly in Kivu and Ituri, is known to both national and international opinion.

Above all, there is the people in their various associations and structures of civil society who face the regime, especially in the corners and corners of the country empty-handed during peaceful demonstrations. Far from the cameras of the world, he is tortured and humiliated. But his voice is pushing back the balkanization of our country. It’s happening in Kasindi, Oicha, Beni, Butembo, Kirumba, and so on.

There are all these Congolese girls and children, children, young people, adults, old and old who since 2012 are slaughtered and slaughtered because they refuse to give their land to the invaders. They are heroes and their blood is not shed in vain. Because thanks to them the Democratic Republic of the Congo is still standing and his unit saved! For example, Father Vincent Machozi Karunzu was assassinated on March 20, 2016, for having unveiled the entire occupation system of North Kivu set up by Kabila and his sponsors and whose last words sound like a testament: « We understand thus the grave danger of any extension to the power of Joseph Kabila. Congolese worthy of the name must refuse any form of transition. Indeed, in view of what is happening in Kivu-Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016, would give time and resources to the Congolese government which is obviously complicit in the Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri In progress « .

We also pay tribute to certain local NGOs, human rights associations, non-profit organizations that work night and day and who, witnessing villainous crimes on the ground, send us reliable information! Thanks to them, Benilubero dismantled mafia networks. Some of their agents are kidnapped. Others are forced to live in exile, as is the case of Ms. Vulo Emerentienne (https://benilubero.com/ revelations-sur-les-massacres- des-populations-et-les- tueries-des-casques-bleus-a- beni-la-monusco-est-bel-et- bien-complice-signe-et- temoigne-une-ex-humanitaire- de-long-merlin/). They live far from their land but thanks to them the land of our ancestors survives.

There are obviously journalists in the field. Some were coldly shot on the spot. Others live in hiding. Still others are living in exile, as is the case of Mr Isaiah Kithavu, a journalist with Radio RTR, and Mr Christian Kahindo Muke, editor of the independent journal Rafiki, who in the name of the love of his country courageously denounced the central role of General Mundos in the killings in North Kivu. In the same vein, Benilubero can not but salute the bravery of many girls and sons of the Beni and Lubero territories who braved the fear and the threats and brought during Beni’s trial irrefutable evidence implicating certain authorities in these massacres. How not to think of Mr Ngaghangondi Paluku, national coordinator of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights (CRDH) who has been living for a month in exile. How not to mention Mr Kalimuli Tembo Emmanuel and Mr Oscar Lusenge Kihundu who are languishing in prison! To this list, we can add the members of civil society offices, Jacqueline Mwenge Katungu Humanitarian Women of the field. What judicial harassment and psychological torture they undergo! Think of Mr Angelus Kavuthirwaki, the titular Secretary of the Civil Society of the City of Beni, who is on the run today. Dear girls and sons, keep your hope alive! The days come; you will taste the fruits of your fight!

The heroes in the shadows, it is also our sons and daughters within this Congolese army of name. How many of you have not communicated to Benilubero plans of high treason of the regime against the entire nation in chaos. Honor to you, valiant soldiers! Soon, you will receive the medal of honor!

We can not finish this list without mentioning friends and foreign friends but loving the love of the DR Congo! Some were murdered because they brought to the attention of the international community the complicity of this regime in the massacres that are raging in the countries, particularly in North Kivu and Kasai. This is the case of the investigators of the United Nations, Mr Michael Sharp and Mrs Zaida Catalan. Others have been denied or canceled visas for entry into our country, such as Ida Sawyer, Director of Human Rights Watch in Central Africa and Jason Streams, Director of the Congo Research Group. Thanks to their investigations and publications, many conspiracies against our country are unmasked and dismantled at the international level.

In this international context, we salute our sisters and brothers in the diaspora. Their voice in the streets and concerts of nations is invaluable in this struggle for a united and united DR Congo.

In front of you all, hero in the shadows, Benilubero bows and pulls his cap!

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