Colonel Makenga à l'heure du Mixage CNDP - FARDC photo Benilubero Online, par Jackson SAFARI

Joseph Kabila is preparing to declare a pseudo-rebellion of the M23 genra in Kivu-Ituri


While at Beni level the atrocities against the civilian population and the hostilities against the truly loyalist FARDC have been intensifying since the beginning of September this year, fresh foci of bellicose violence are becoming more and more prominent. the neighboring province of the north, that is, Ituri. In Beni, as in Djugu, in Ituri, the actors remain the same and use the same mode of operation. The Congolese authorities who know them very well, and who telegraph the modules of their activities in all cases, hypocritically present them sometimes as presumed ADF, sometimes as assailants not otherwise identified.

But in reality Joseph Kabila has made part of the FARDC terrorists to take on the identity of the ADF in Beni. This corrosive organization has a destructive effect that gnaws at both the civilian population and the national army, whose death was finally signed from the date of the appointment of John Numbi to head and other criminal officers to positions and functions strategic. Alarming information comes every day from the Kitona military center, reporting on the accelerated recycling of ex-M23, FDLR, Rwandan recruits who, together, now form a parallel army to the Congolese FARDC. In all, the national hierarchy has forced an unjustifiable precedence of these invading invaders in relation to the military Congolese stumps silenced death in the face of this injustice and official treason, for fear of being killed. Joseph Kabila has thus acquired special forces acting in death squads and substituted for the real national army, the FARDC.

These forces of terror, a thousand times more sadistic than the « erase the picture » of former times in Beni-Ituri, are called by the Kinshasa regime « ADF » to Beni and / or Nande militias exterminating their own brothers. To clear themselves in this lie, the ruling power has equipped them with the necessary means to kidnap natives they hold hostage while using them both as shields and fighters of the front lines. The aim of Kinshasa was initially to persuade the international community of the existence of a terrorist or even an Islamist group whose activities would make the electoral process in the eastern part of the country impossible. But investigations by both local and international organizations helped to defeat the trap of such a lie.

Further north, in the territories of Djugu and Irumu, in neighboring Ituri, the execution of the same plan seeks in vain to revive the hostilities between natives by exploiting the ashes of the interethnic wars of the years 1999 – 2003. Here also the local communities have come together to denounce the machination of power in place. However, this did not prevent Kinshasa to intensify, through its agents (ex-M23 and Rwandans settled in the territory of Irumu), the killings against the civilians as well as attacks against the FARDC loyalists, to accuse falsely local militia (Lendu and Hema), which, moreover, do not exist today.

However, after failing to convince opinion on the hypothesis of Islamist terrorists in Beni and the resumption of inter-ethnic conflicts in Ituri, Kinshasa decided to strengthen the homes of ex-M23 infiltrators in certain countries such as Berunda, in Djugu territory, in Irumu, while other Rwandans and M23 would assist them directly from within the FARDC. This is the reality of the attacks recorded in the Beni region, particularly since the beginning of September, when the FARDC had been shown to have been converted into ADF captured at Ngandi / Mavivi in Beni by MONUSCO on 10 September 2018. It is the same reality that is also observed in Ituri by the succession of the muscular attacks carried out against the FARDC since 16 September 2018 until precisely these days in Gobu, Muvarama, Songa 1, Songa 2, Blukwa, Taga and Bule. . The results of these latest events, both in Beni and Djugu (Ituri) are particularly frightful both among civilians and among the FARDC, because the operation is made easy to the enemy because it is camouflaged at within the national army and is endowed with superior means (armament) compared to regular army troops.

It is urgent to denounce now Kinshasa’s manifest intention to declare the existence of a new rebellion in Ituri and Beni, at a time when all local opinions know that those who are currently attacking the FARDC in Djugu are M23 troops and Rwandans, whose team arrived in Bunia openly on two trucks on Monday, September 10, 2018. In Beni, it’s the same. It is even reported that those responsible for the former rebellion of the M23, protected by FARDC authorities, are already joining Beni, and possibly Bunia, and are preparing to declare the return of this rebellion on the basis of FARDC corrupted by Kabila in their favor will help them to occupy soon.

The Congolese government is therefore warned by the people who swear not to tolerate the kind of maneuvers by which Joseph Kabila once installed false rebellions in Kivu just to cover his electoral needs, as were the cases of the CNDP and the M23.

Tinga-Tinga Norbert

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