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Joseph Kabila to the point of engulfing the whole country through insecurity


There was a time when several people believed that insecurity and military violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo were the prerogative of the Kivu in the east of the country and that the denunciation of the massacres of civilians by those who suffered them In Beni is a banality that would be nothing but the plaintive cry of a cowardly people (community). Thus, the decimation of more than two thousand innocent civilians during the last two years has constituted constantly a taboo file which neither the government nor its parliament could officially echo. This is why no mobilization has been possible to bring the entire Congolese people back to solidarity with their compatriots exposed to extermination in the east of the country.

And now it is becoming increasingly clear that this strategy of subjugating communities, entities and entire regions to acts of violence and insecurity in order to silence them is the way the government in place has chosen to remain « invincible eternal ». That is why today there is a phenomenon of insecurity and massacre that tends to spread throughout the country under the impulse of a bloodthirsty regime devoid of any sense of humanism.

Click on the below link to watch on video the horror of the massacres to which the president of the DR Congo submits his people by the hands of the army of which he is the supreme commander:

The few realities of the phenomenon mentioned below are likely to convince that the allegation thus made against the power in place is neither a slander nor an exaggeration and still less the expression of hatred or excitation to a revolt against Joseph Kabila and its political system, but only an interpellation in order to raise awareness to work together for the advent of a better era in the DRC. Indeed, nowhere in the world can a people tolerate a power that persists in prolonging its reign by defiance, against a background of a strategy of destabilization of the country which it claims to lead, by exerting all kinds of violence and insecurity, such as that prevailing in the DRC:

– In Ituri, the Congolese government installed South Sudanese rebels against the indigenous population;

– In Beni, North Kivu, under the pretext of the presence of Ugandan rebels ADF, the same government has an atrocious genocide that has already claimed more than two thousand victims during the last two years and is far from being dammed;

– In southern Lubero territory and in the territory of Rutshuru, Masisi and part of Walikale, President Kabila, through his collaborators holding political leadership in North Kivu, financed the creation and functioning of several armed groups ( Nyantura, Mazembe, Cheka, Guides, etc., to which Rwandan FDLR rebels are added), whose guns remain directed against the innocent civilians of the environment, perpetrating massacres, kidnappings, robberies and various acts of terrorism;

– In South Kivu, the Burundian rebels of FNL and Rwandans of FDLR have been strengthened more and more, while financing indigenous armed groups such as the Raia Mutomboki and the Yakutumba, who benefit from the officers’ FARDC, some of whom (such as Colonel Moises Kyavagambe) come directly from Kinshasa;

– In Maniema, the ruling power has ignited a fire (animosity) between the Pygmies and the Bantus, who are thus led into a dangerously destructive war; this phenomenon is also observed acutely in North Katanga;

– In Kasai, the emerging movement of the Kamuina group became the pretext for the horrendous massacres that Beni, perpetrated by soldiers of the Congolese government, as can be seen in the video excerpt earlier in this article;

– In Bas Congo, the phenomenon Buddu dia Kongo has grown; the insecurity that emerged these days is at the origin of the alert inviting travelers in this region to be cautious, precisely on the road Kinshasa – Matadi;

– In the former Ecuador, the presence of Central African military immigrants in the DRC by the wave of wars that have recently shaken the Central African Republic is another permanent security threat to the indigenous peoples;

– Going north-west and north of the country, in Bas-Uélé and Haut-Uélé, we meet the empire of Ugandan terrorist rebels of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) whom Joseph Kabila had invited to the country in anticipation of the electoral deadlines of 2006, reinforced by West African armed breeders « Mbororo », who also invaded this region, always with the complicity of the power in place and to the detriment of the autochthons.

At the top of this list is today the resurrected M23, of which Joseph Kabila decided to finance the reorganization. The fighter members of this rebellion have resumed their positions in the fiefs that they occupied in 2013 in the territory of Rutshuru. Already armed with FARDC uniforms and weapons, these pseudo-rebels, pro-government agents, are only waiting for the right moment to lead the country into a deluge that will never allow the organization of the elections expected and hoped for at the end of this year 2017.

It is in this way that Joseph Kabila ended up taking in the face of insecurity the giant Congo whose future is more horrible than ever. All these tricks happen while Kabila continues to mock the Congolese by a distractive dialogue of which he would like to pass for hero, but without any will to sign the agreements and / or the resolutions.

The CENCO has been trapped in a trap whose outcome can not be imagined. As for Joseph Kabila, he only needed to get out of the pressure of the international community. Too bad for our bishops who pretend to be unaware that Kabila has no regard for a democratic vision on the DRC, persisting in his game of distraction (a virtual dialogue) whose extension is already a guarantee of the slippage on which this dishonest president, has stopped tabling.

How long will patience be applied to such an inhuman person? Ah! If only the Congolese people could realize their power and strength …

Jean-Luc Br.

« It is thus understood the grave danger of any extension to the power of Joseph Kabila. Congolese worthy of the name must reject any form of transition. Indeed, given what is happening in Kivu- Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016 would allow time and resources to the Congolese government which is, obviously, an accomplice of the Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri in progress « (Father Vincent Machozi, March 19, 2016, speech that earned his murder the next day)

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