Kamerhe, Photo de BLO par Georges Masirika
Kamerhe, Photo de BLO par Georges Masirika

KABILA -KAMERHE: The secret of a new agreement


The President of the National Monitoring Council of the Agreement of 31 December 2016 was appointed; It is Mr. Joseph Olenga Nkoy who occupies this position, contrary to certain expectations that were about the possibility of seeing Mr. Vital Kamerhe hoisted to this chair. Sometimes this seemed normal to many observers, sometimes it was even informed that Kamerhe himself decided to relinquish it. Yet, the background of reality is far from these data hovering in appearance.

Indeed, after the successive proofs of treason committed by Vital Kamerhe, evidence that became even more visible during the dialogue of the African Union City, the duo Kabila-Kamerhe realized that the latter came To lose control of his trompe l’oeil game as a pseudo-opponent. However, Kamerhe has so far led this game irreproachably, so that no one in the circle of Kabila can equal himself to him in this juggling mission that he could veil even in the eyes of the opponents of the fringe More severe for several years.

Currently the PPRD and Joseph Kabila have understood that they can never take hostage the electoral process eternally. It is therefore in their interest to find immediately a figure which must ensure the continuity of the system of predation. As a result, Kabila refrained from appointing Kamerhe to the chairman of CNSA precisely to claim opinions that there is now a real distance between them. He thinks that Kamerhe could find the chance to repaint an opponent’s image (of course a forgery), in order to regain his former popularity (that is, this popularity of 2011, when he deceived The views that he became a presidential candidate opposing Joseph Kabila, while his real mission was to disperse the election votes of opposition candidates to increase the chances of success of the latter).

The political family of Joseph Kabila, which includes the PPRD and the allied parties, opted to present Vital Kamerhe as their candidate for the next presidential election. The reasons for this choice are many, including:

– It is Kamerhe, among all the flocks of the power in power, who controls the secrets of the power of Kabila and his political family as well as the objectives that pursue maintaining at the head of the R. Congo.
– Despite being found one of the biggest traitors of the Congolese people in favor of Kabila, some people, including members of his party the UNC and nationals of his ethnic community, still believe that Kamerhe is stature A candidate president of the Republic;
– Kamerhe is perceived as the one who could better protect the interests of the outgoing power, ie the Kabila clan, and even ensure the continuity of his policy of predation which would allow the outgoing president and his lobby to pursue Plundering the country’s natural resources through the numerous foreign companies operating on Congolese territory for their private interests.
– By creating an apparent distance between Kabila and Kamerhe under present political circumstances, it would be possible to further deceive the Congolese people that Kamerhe is an effective opponent who deserves to be supported to blow up Kabila from his presidential chair in the upcoming elections . Thus, since almost the entire Congolese population became extremely hostile to the person of Kabila, the population of the East in particular could still confide in Kamerhe, ignoring all the game that he continues to lead behind the scenes of connivance With the current President of the Republic.

In view of the above, the Congolese people should double their vigilance so that they never again fall into the trap of those who have systematically woven a political system of enslavement that some people, thinking themselves cunning, have managed to impose by all sorts of Strategies at the base became a victim of the confidence it placed in its leaders. Among those who deserve a very high level of supervision is obviously Mr Vital Kamerhe who, out of lust for honor, prestige, glory and wealth (in common with his friend Kabila), has eminently qualified himself as the hero of this A political comedy that takes pleasure and pleasure in the intolerable misery and suffering of the Congolese people.

Adolphe JAMIRU

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