Kabila releases the latest maps: the Balkanization by the East, the referendum by Denis Sassou, the alienation of the DR Congo by Emmanuel Macron.


Either the DR Congo will continue to exist or it will no longer exist! In a few words, the summary of recent warnings received from our friends who still love our country.

Kabila feels that his days are counted but encouraged by those who suck at his breasts both at home and abroad, he is not ready to throw in the towel. Like a centipede, he wants to put the country on fire until his last breath. In order to maintain his dream, he set up in his lab a whole chain of strategies that he began to implement!

A referendum to change the constitution

This is the reason for his surprise visit and illuminates with President Denis Sassou Ngwesso, on Friday, September 7th. Several newspapers in Kinshasa thought that Joseph Kabila has sought the support of his counterpart to convince the Congolese of an umpteenth dialogue for an umpteenth transition. According to our well-informed sources, close to the Kinshasa regime, Kanambe went to inform Denis Sassou of his determination to organize the referendum to change the constitution and seek the support of the latter. Without being afraid, he told his host that he is aware of the turmoil and chaos that this decision will cause in the country. But, he assured, everything is already in place to silence all those who will oppose it. His support for Denis Sassu would be to let mercenaries pass through the Republic of Congo to quell the popular uprising. According to our sources, his counterpart refrained from giving a clear and precise answer that would assure Joseph Kabila of the firm support of his host.

Cutting East of the West

At the military level, Joseph is deploying, with the support of Paul Kagame, thousands of soldiers and weapons in the East, notably in Kivu and the eastern province. If his plan of referendum fails and Kinshasa forces him to leave, he plans to withdraw to the east of the country to make it an autonomous territory. Thus the plan of balkanization will be effective. Our sources confirm this plan and ask that we take seriously the information that www.benilubero.com has just delivered to the national and international opinion in its edition of Friday 07. According to ww.benilubero.com, Joseph will have to restructure the army by the end of September 2017 by the appointment of generals of his obedience to strategic posts in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Offering Emmanuel Macron the oil of DR Congo

Diplomatically, after convincing his counterparts in the African Union to help him stay in power with the promise that everyone will have a share in the pie, Kanambe, advised by his strategists, will fly to Paris to meet Emmanuel Macron. From reliable sources, we learn that this trip would have as objective to obtain from Emmanuel Macron a support in his struggle to remain in power. A priori, one can think that Emmanuel Macron will not fall in the nets of Kanambe, as was his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy. But according to our sources, the French president would have already bitten the bait. Kanambe carries in its bag a contract of market which France has always tried to control, namely the oil of the DR Congo. During their visit to Paris in recent weeks, DR Congo officials have finalized the contract that could be signed during the visit to Kanambe. This information seems to be corroborated by the French journalist and director, Christophe Rigaud, in his article « Kinshasa tries to seduce Paris ». For his part, Emmanuel Macron would have pledged to convince his European pairs to support a peaceful transition in the DR Congo, forcing the Rassemblement to work together with Kanambe. Other sources say that Felix Tshisekedi, the leader of the Rally would already be on his way to Paris where under the aegis of Emmanuel Macron he will meet Joseph Kanambe.

At the last news, while we are finishing this article, we learn that Emmanuel Macron will be able to meet Kanambe on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, on his return from the Island St Martin where he must go at night from Monday to Tuesday, after Kanambe’s visit to New York, where he plans to travel to Paris.

As can be seen, the greatest loser in all these strategies and maneuvers remains the people. Yes, the Congolese people must know. Neither the regime nor the opposition nor the international community cares about its Way of the Cross! Only the resources of his country attract them and make that their heart is always without rest so long as they have not put their hand on them. The time has come, the Congolese people of the whole world! The time of the People’s Revolution struck! Time to stand up and say to all these birds of prey that the era of colonization has passed and that the people will no longer accept contracts that rob them of their dignity! Already, it is this message that must carry any girl and any son worthy of the DR Congo, next to the rulers of Africa, Asia or the West.

Father Luholo Ve Kulimu
Correspondent of Benilubero in Belgique

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