Les figures de l'opposition politique de la RDC

Kagame meeting Mbusa Nyamwisi in Davos and Addis Ababa, a gross lie


Mbusa Nyamwisi, one of the biggest opposition figures of the Democratic Republic of Congo, contacted today about his eventual meeting with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, according to an article published by www.afroamerica.net denounces energetically the lie peddled in his name.

Indeed, the aforementioned site reports that Mr. Mbusa Nyamwisi and Mr. Moïse Katumbi, two very important personalities of the Congolese political opposition, met together with the Rwandan Head of State Paul Kagame in Davos, in Suise, on the sidelines of the meeting. Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum 2018, held from 23 to 26 January. This article even adds that the Rwandan president would have discreetly taken his two hosts to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he felt it was necessary to exchange with them in a more serene environment. Afroamerica.net claims that Kagame has indeed spoken with these two Congolese opponents he personally invited.

However, contacted by Benilubero who was curious to dig the object of this meeting, Mr Mbusa Nyamwisi denounces such a lie and wonders about the interest for the one or those who published it. The President of the RCD / K-ML said that he not only made any trip to Davos (in Suise) as Afroamerica stipulates, but he never met Rwandan President Paul Kagame there has now more than ten years. In addition, the editors did not succeed in reaching Mr. Katumbi, so that he clarifies the opinions for what one learns from his meeting with the Rwandan president.

However, Mbusa Nyamwisi emphasizes that President Kagame is an important man not only in the current subregional context of the Great Lakes countries, but also as the new President of the African Union. With that, he will not hesitate to meet him as soon as a possible political need might require in the sense of seeking objective and legitimate solutions to the political chaos observed in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even if the meeting reported today is a pure lie, it should be noted that it remains unavoidable upstream, as President Paul Kagame, having become current President of the African Union, will have to deal with the issue. DRC by rubbing shoulders with Congolese political and social actors of all tendencies, that is to say, the Presidential Majority, the different platforms of the opposition as well as the civil society.

Nevertheless, in all these approaches, the popular Congolese opinion should be more vigilant not to be manipulated by strategists who deceive by their appearance. The daily analysis of the Congolese political scene shows that there are opponents who fully communicate with the suffering of the nation and lead an honest struggle for change, while others remain true hawks of power in power and wear only an apparent figure of the opposition. The latter continue to enjoy discreetly, alongside the power in place, the fortunes of the people’s blood money.
A real need for discernment is needed!

Jean-Marc OTINDO

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