Mai-Mai of South-Kivu: Letter to President Joseph Kabila

From         :       P.A.R.C. / Maï-Maï Reformé parc.yak@gmail. com
Mr. President J. Kabila:
Following your most recent address to the Bembe clan leaders in the presence of your minister of defense (Mwando Nsimba), and our constitutional representatives : Hon Jemsy Mulengwa and Kaliba Mulanga (the destitute);
Owing to the most recent attacks by your troops, in which you were determined to wipe off the civilians in Lubichako, Baraka, Ubwari, Mboko, Kabumbe, Swima, Some, and Nemba in South Kivu province where FDLR’s/Nterahamwe cannot be found;
Having uncovered the full intent of the “KIMYA II Operations” which link yourself to your Rwandese kinship grouped around the CNDP/FARDC, operations conducted after your intimidating, disrespectful and dictatorial speech found in attachment, together with a silent
response to our MPs’ claims also attached here with;
Upon realizing your pride which led to such neglects of the powers that brought you up to where you are; but unfortunately you are nearing your saddest fate. Even as you touched our military leadership, and swore to break up ALL PEACE AGREEMENTS (ACTES D’ENGAGEMENTS) we had signed with you in Goma, on 23 January 2008 “you have, however, called on us to wage a “FINAL WAR” to end your ”MISADVENTURES” in Kinshasa and the eastern parts of our country.
Mr. Hyppolite Kanambe,
In response to all your provocations, as P.A.R.C / Maï-Maï Reformé “we have decided to pen down a few things we want you to know. By this very same communication we don’t wish to keep the international community unaware of the patriotic engagements we are determined to carry on as we aim at saving the lives of our populations and the integrity of our territorial boundaries.
Though nicknamed Joseph KABILA Kabange, you have brought too much shame to our nation; your open denial of your biological parents is absolute evidence that you cannot be trusted, or that any pact contracted with you is far from binding, despite the fact that you claim it is for political reasons. You are not proud of your parents, and understand you can never be proud of yourself. So we invite you to carefully learn these points of fact in order to fix yourself up :
1.    Your presidency is not the first since the independence of Congo on 30th of June 1960. You should know we are the mentors of the man who adopted you, and whose name you now bear. As companions with him (Laurent D. Kabila) we waged war for over 25 years against both Joseph Kasa-Vubu and your dictatorial hero Joseph Désiré Mobutu upon the assassination of our national hero, Patrice-Emery Lumumba. Your Rwandese biological parents (loyal Tutsis) and the Revolutionary lord Che Guevara had witnessed the bravery of our determination at Hewa-Bora/Fizi.
2.    Our hospitality and protection of humanitarian rights are main reasons why both ethnic Tutsi and Hutu Rwandese are found in Fizi; and never one day have you heard of the two genocidal rivals conflicting. We manage both of them until the day of justice. We alone possess the powers to keep them from your harming them or to extradite them “see why we cannot accept the troops of our arch-enemy (CNDP) on our lands to track neither of the Rwandese refugees in our protection. This is something Rwanda, UNHCR and your own regime cannot control. Like reported by the HRW, you are the greatest violator of human rights.
3.    The world has misunderstood us (Maï-Maï and Congolese) because your ethnic Tutsi-men have misled the media houses and the international community by repeatedly twisting the truth about their identity; likewise have you lied to the world in your own life story. Instead of questioning the powers we have, shouldn’t you see the need to question why we do accept both yourself, your father “the Luba”, the entire bunch of illegal settlers of Tutsi and Hutus on our territory?! We simply wait to see how the UN justice commission handles such complex matters, as it is obvious, all of you are confirmed murderers and bear with you three or four citizenships each illegally acquired. Your hands are full of the blood of innocent children, men and women of the Great Lakes region. Why do you prefer to take side with just one ethnic group “while you all come from Rwanda? You came to divide the Congolese and tarnish their moral values!
4.    We have not agreed to, and never shall we, under any pressure what-so-ever, give a collective citizenship to a corrupt gang of warlords, criminals (genocide masters). Your case has been treated with courtesy because, our comrade, your foster father had pleaded with us to regard you as such. Even though, every politics is local, and you cannot rule the DRC the way your master of Rwanda rules his poor country.
5.    Unlike you, Mr. Hyppolite, we have never participated in the massacres of any single ethnic group as you did in Rwanda, Uganda and eventually in the Democratic Republic of Congo (files saved).
6.    We do not, and shall not invade people’s lands, rape or steal or accept corruption in D R Congo. We stand tall to respond to our aggressors’ attacks; to hinder their occupational dream from taking place on our territorial domains “as stipulated in Lemera Pact between AFDL and its allies, and similarly to oppose you in carrying out the substitute Pact of Nairobi, to-day known as “KIMYA II.” We deadly oppose dictatorship; we protect our nation and repulse our enemies like in your case. Generals DUNIA and YAKOTUMBA are not play toys. Learn to fear them!
Mr. J. Kabila,
The way of peace if agreed upon and implemented accordingly, was the shortest and the harmless one leading to open justice, works of development and national prosperity. You have chosen to counteract the process by delaying it. Terrible enough, with Rwanda, you co-invented malicious strategies to ruin our country. The situation has since worsened, being your will; as a president preaching peace from 2001 to 2009, you are such an imposture and an incompetent fellow. Your government has proven incapable of bringing peace in the eastern provinces. It is by your same incompetence that we observed 1+4 beasts heading the country. With your leopard totem set as your government’s source of inspiration; so, like a leopard, you have succeeded to silently assassinate a great number of nationalists who appeared to be a threat to your lack of knowledge.
Recently, the so-called your government troops sought to have the support of our patriotic forces in their efforts to accomplish a secret mission as they did when you sent them to violate humanitarian rights in North Kivu and Oriental provinces; we had respected the MONUC convincing mediation, despite the fact that you never stick to Goma Peace Agreements. Besides, you chose to stop the re-integration process which we had just started, by killing civilians and attacking our bases.
The remaining leaders you seek to assassinate through poison and Kimya 2 operations are all alert. None of them has ever stolen mineral wealth or acquired luxurious buildings and set up selfish business away from Congo. While FARDC (Forces Armées Rwandaises déployées au Congo) continue to lead the occupational plan; and true nationals are thrown into endless unrest, with the refugees dying away from home; you accept the impasse because you have the opportunity to plunder our national resources. After all this, do you feel proud of being called president?!
Hyppolite Kanambe,
In your speech, you questioned the powers we have and on which side we belong. Well, we cannot be-league with thieves or criminals. We sure wish you to know that our powers are found, neither in guns (for we buy none) nor are they in any foreign partners like you have. We know our God, the God of our Fathers, who empowers us to make the wonders you desire to see once again. When we backed you up, you went up; now, imagine the contrary how easier it is likely to happen. Since you are such a visionless head of State, the very patriotic powers we have are readily regained to enthrone any other Congolese patriot without shedding the blood of innocent civilians. Hence our motto : « le PEUPLE et la PATRIE d’ABORD»
For your information, all patriotic movements have made a coalition countrywide. We have already surfaced all strategic places of our country. HERE WE ARE DETERMINED TO OUST YOU. No more of a regime which has failed to ensure security of its territorial borders, sacrifices its own populations, but fights its own citizens in favor of the neighboring enemies. We are tired of massive plunders of our mineral resources by sort of Bluetooth leaders of Kinshasa. No more of Amani program; no more of Kimya II Operations (silent assassinations of the Congolese Elite). NO MORE OF YOU, the LIAR. Now is the opportunity given you to carry out your “Cinq Chantiers” on its field, in Rwanda. Congolese have had enough of you, and we are erect to do their will, to install a new government “trusted by the people of Congo. Halt all efforts to merge our troops with the genociders. We no longer have interest in your propaganda. TODAY, a new era has begun. We take upon our shoulders the responsibility of liberating our country from the general plight; as conscious patriots, to protect our people from their enemies; and a NEW GOVERNMENT, which respects the principles of GOOD GOVERNANCE, is now being aspired.
By the same, we also urge the investors who are planning to do some beneficial works in the DRC to wait and see where the compass leads. Friends we surely cherish; enemies we clearly resist. Any foreign government reading us is equally advised not to interfere with our internal conflict. We longed after your intervention, but when you came, minerals and aquatic resources were more precious to you than the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Unlike you, PEOPLE and Sovereignty of our State are of paramount importance to us. By making our country safe for investments and diplomatic ties, we likewise appeal to you to call back the UN peace-keeping troops after such a terrible failure of their mission in our country.
We do guarantee the international community, religious and human rights organizations that “WE STAND TO SOLVE; NOT TO DESTROY!”
On Behalf of P.A.R.C. / Maï-Maï Reformed:
Signed,                                                      Signed,
LOOBA UNDJI Raphael                                  Gen YAKOTUMBA AMURI Williams
Chairman, PARC/FIZI, DRC                            Reformed Maï-Maï Forces, DRC
Cell : +243 813 186 900                                   Cell : + 243 813 201 155        
E-Mail: parc.yak@gmail. com,                        E-Mail: parc.congo@yahoo. fr  

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