Massacres in Ituri! Hema and Lendu bring down the veil of lies: no conflict between them, but it is Kinshasa who plays its unhealthy policy


Young people from two communities that the Congolese authorities say are in inter-ethnic conflict in Djugu territory in Ituri province, in this case the Lendu and the Hema, are standing up to denounce the state’s lie Congolese on the situation of the massacres prevailing in their territory.

Having mobilized themselves against the will of the manipulators and official twins, these young people armed with knives set out to besiege this Monday, March 05, 2018 the office of the governor of the Province, Mr. Abdallah PENEMBAKA, that the Iturian opinions explicitly mention among the key political actors in the current tragedy in Ituri. The complicity of the State in this affair manifests itself both in the misinformation of the mass about the unfortunate events under way, as well as in the lethargy to commit substantial means (human and material), that is to say proportionate military means to stop the tragedy. Also, the youth coalition of the Hema and Lendu communities demands that the authorities react without delay to put an end to this kind of sadistic adventure.

At the same time, the two communities concerned denounce the fancy of some indigenous political leaders who have given up their loyalty to the corruption of the regime in place who, taking advantage of their vulnerable social situation, uses the money of the Congolese state to motivate them. to excite ex nihilo members of their communities to mutual aggression that will only benefit the shifting of power in favor of the predators who reign in Kinshasa. The game of excitement is played two times in the following way:

– By politicians, some leaders of the Lendu community managed to catch some of the criminals in their community in the trap of the ruling power, whose manipulators needed to wear the caps of the slaughterers who would come from the reservoir of Joseph’s system. Kabila (this reservoir is none other than the empire of the immigrants imposed on the natives in the north of the territory of Beni and the south of the province of Ituri, while being reinforced by masked terrorist soldiers within the FARDC). Thus, the pretext of the rebound of Lendu-Hema conflicts was acquired.

– Simultaneously, a strong awareness campaign supported by « a Rwandan design laboratory » targeting the Hema community is trying to demonstrate the threat of aggression that it should suffer from the so-called Lendu, while it (Hema community) proposing a Attractive supply of weapons and money, as in the days of the UPC / Thomas Lubanga, to master the Lendu antagonists. This campaign is essentially to establish a link between Hutu and Lendu presented an alliance of massacre forces against the Hema, by persuading that only the support of Rwandans (as in 2002-2003) could allow the Hema to lift the spine .

From where, the two communities (Hema and Lendu) considered it urgent to also denounce the puppets of this system of massive destruction unearthed among their own members. A warning was sent to these traitors.

Today, Hema and Lendu are unanimous in denouncing in front of both national and international opinions the conspiracy they suffer from a policy based on the sadism of the Kabila-Kagame alliance, as an extension of the massacres of Beni and Kasai, wanted for the sole reason of the sliding of presidential mandate in DR Congo.

Dismissing a cunning army

The great paradox for indigenous security lies in the cunning used within the forces that are supposed to be « law enforcement, defense and security forces ».

Joseph Kabila and his Rwandan allies have noted the failure of the strategy to fool opinions by a false interethnic war in Ituri to cover his tactics of keeping up against the violence.

That is why there was a sudden change of method: the police officers who are being deployed in huge crowds in Ituri in general and in the territory of Djugu in particular are not in any way protectors or defenders of the indigenous population . Moreover, they are not to be considered as policemen either. These are elements of the special force of the president lapped in « terrorist » missions of the kind underway in Beni territory under the cover of « alleged ADF » and the kind of what was lived in Kasaï under the mask of « Kamwina Nsapu « .

Some remember the actions of the infamous general AKILI MUHINDO alias Mundos in Beni, and how the regime has covered him and protected against any judicial threat. Meanwhile, his works are completed in the region by other FARDC officers such as General Fall Sikabwe. Similarly, the situation of killings in Ituri tends to move up a gear, because now they are real squads of death that the power in place has just dropped on the ground under the uniforms of the National Police. And the killings they will amplify will always be falsely attributed to the so-called Hema-Lendu conflict.

In short, it is utopian to hope that the fire to ignite eastern DRC in general, and Beni-Ituri in particular, could be extinguished by Joseph Kabila who is himself the blower. This is all possible tactics in its fierce war against the alternation of power, not to say against elections illusory planned before the end of this year 2018.


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