Mbau 28/10/2018. Anger, horror and desolation, following the massacres within 100 meters of Fardc’s Camp.


The night of this Sunday, October 28, 2018 was a worst ordeal for the population of Mbau, including Makumbo village. Assailants have again killed and burned houses. The carnage took place in full view of the Fardc, who watched the scene within 100 meters:

« It’s 6.30 pm, » says one resident from the scene of the massacres. A vehicle arrives from Beni, overtakes the military camp and stops a hundred meters and stops. People get out of the car, smash a house, load things and furniture. After loading, the vehicle leaves in the same direction. This is known and seen by the Fardc who are 100 meters. A few minutes later, the same vehicle comes back. Same scenario. The fardc observe from a distance without intervening. The same night, people are killed here.  »

A few minutes later, at 18:45, a taxi driver carrying two motorcycle customers from Beni falls on armed men.
« They shoot at him, » says the taxi driver. One of his clients, a child is wounded in the arm, falls but manages to escape and hide a few meters in the bush.
The taximan continues his race with the second youngster. The attackers shoot at their tires. He is reached at the foot and falls. Miraculously, he too can drag himself and hide in a bush from where he observes the scene.

« In the meantime, » continues one inhabitant, the taximan flees to the military camp and tells them what has just happened to them. The soldiers take away the key of the bike and chase it  »
According to the second survivor who observes the whole scene from the bush, « In all peace of mind, the attackers head for the plot of the head of the village where there was nobody and smash the door of the abandoned house, enter and take with them goods and poultry. They all spoke Kinyarwanda. From there, they go to the lot of his big brother, enter the house, kill him and leave with chickens and 4 goats. Then they will go from house to house, taking everything they find and killing those who have not fled. At the end of the operation, they leave as they came in all concern. One of them stays to put fire on all the houses where they entered. In total, 6 people killed, including two burnt people!  »

The desolation is total the morning of this Monday, November 29, 2018. The inhabitants, returned from their places of refuge, are angry, block the national road n ° 4. For them, the facts speak for themselves: « we can not kill, slaughter people at zero meters of the military, a few hundred meters of a whole battalion of the military, without them intervene. Worse until this morning, we do not see any military move … « . The Monusco is not spared either: « For May May, they deploy armored and helicopters in Beni or Butembo. But never, against these murderers!  »

Vulighe Mavi
from Mavivi

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