Tabo Taberi Cheka, le commandant Mai-mai du groupe NDC, à sa reddition

North Kivu: FARDC in a dirty alliance with armed groups


Over the past three months, opinions have witnessed an impressive rise in Nduma Defense of Congo’s renowned NDC-R forces in its invasion war south of Lubero. In fact, this group is active in the localities of Lubero sharing the boundaries with the territory of Walikale for about a year, except that their capacity was hitherto little, so that it operated somewhat in guerrilla form. The NDC-R then took advantage of the absence of a real opponent on the ground to plunder and massacre Nande inhabitants of the area marked by its activities, until the Mai-Mai elders of the territory of Lubero decided to resume the defense of their brothers who seemed more and more to be the subject of a conspiracy that did not reveal the names of its true leaders.

And the truth soon revealed itself on the basis of the facts that accompanied the various attacks recorded at Miriki, Kasugho, and so on. But at first, this truth was confusing. Sometimes FDLR were identified among the assailants, sometimes Nyatura fighters, and sometimes elements of the government army (FARDC). In the end, it will be discovered that an alliance has been sealed between the NDC-R, the FDLR and the Nyatura under the aegis of the FARDC. Captain Guidon’s NDC-R is a cover for the alliance in operation against the Nande people. The enemies of peace in the Beni-Lubero area had just set up a phenomenon equivalent to the massacres in the Beni region south of Lubero. It was in this capacity that we witnessed the astonishing ascent of the military capacities of the NDC, which enabled them to take control of several localities in the southern part of the territory of Lubero. Commander Guidon’s militia had become an alliance of several armed groups.

At the moment, this alliance is no longer a speculation, and the support it receives from the FARDC is no longer a secret. The militias of the NDC and the Nyatura brag about it, even if the FDLR clandestinely keep it there. These militias are proud to announce that they have the support of the FARDC. In fact, it was the alliance or coalition that replaced the regular army in operation « Sokola II ». Moreover, there is no need to be surprised that the FDLR, normally targeted in Operation Sokola II, become active members of the same alliance. Indeed, Sokola II has changed its target: in reality it is not the FDLR that are currently targeted, but rather the Nande Natives. Now, any armed group that demonstrates its readiness to protest against this community automatically receives a full guarantee of protection and armament endowment from the FARDC, following secret instructions emanating from the power plan in place to install the chaos in the east of the country in general, and in Kivu-Ituri in particular.

It is within this framework that the NDC-R arrogantly declares that its fighters will continue to the end any armed group that attacks the FARDC, making alliance with the Mazembe who took the initiative to resume the defense of the innocent delivered to the mercy of the exterminators throughout the whole of Beni-Lubero. Unfortunately, while these agents of terror impose their law, the administration and the Monusco, out of complicity, scandalously keep a silence of death.

Jackson Kasereka Kitambala
Correspondant de BLO à Kirumba

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