Daniel Nganza, complice de l'enlèvement des prêtres de Bunyuka arrêté à Butembo

Other accomplices of the kidnapping of Bunyuka priests plucked as ripe fruits …


Daniel Nganza, complice de l’enlèvement des prêtres de Bunyuka arrêté à Butembo

Daniel Nganza, a resident of the Vutsundo neighborhood of Butembo City, is another alleged accomplice in the kidnapping of the two Catholic priests, Rev. Kipasa and Akilimali, who have been reported missing by criminals from their Bunyuka presbyteries since the night from 16 to 17 July 2017. He was captured on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 around 9 am near the Matanda hospital in Butembo. Mr. Daniel was caught with the help of a girl running an electronic money transfer point, who had been arrested by the security service for serving the network of these kidnapper accomplices at her desk. Daniel Nganza is one of her clients. Currently, the ANR service, starting from the interrogation of Daniel Nganza, continues its investigations to try to find other ramifications of the network of these accomplices.

Meanwhile, two other suspected accomplices were also arrested on the basis of statements made by Mr. Augustin Mumbere during his interrogation at the Goma High Court after his arrest on 18 September in Gisenyi (Rwanda) and his transfer to Congolese authorities in Goma. These are Sr. Fabrice Kakurusi and Jonas Kabuyaya. The denunciation of Jonas Kabuyaya, who is an agent of the National Intelligence Agency (ANR), intervenes like a thunderbolt for the security services in place. Indeed, it is since the first hours of the kidnapping of the two priests that presumptions constantly suspect the complicity of security agents, civilian (ANR) or military (Army and Police), not only in this typical case of kidnapping but also in the maintenance of the insecurity which has enclosed its vice on the town of Butembo, that of Beni and their surroundings. As a reminder, contradictions between Butembo’s political-administrative authority, the ANR, the police, the prosecutor’s office and the army even attempted for a moment the ecclesiastical authorities of Butembo to suspend their collaboration (exchange of information) with certain of these security services because of their proven betrayal.

Thus, it can be seen that the curtain is falling so that it reveals what is hidden in the mystery not only of the taking of hostages of the two priests but also of recurrent insecurity (Kasuku phenomenon, road cutters, kidnapping …) who does not say his real name.

After so much pressure from local civil society, the security services should take advantage of this opportunity to improve their image and regain the confidence of the population. For the people who have redressed their long-twisted blow will never agree to bend themselves again under the criminal maneuvers of those who seek to take their power over the blood of multitudes of innocent people.


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