Le président Joseph Kabila et son homologue rwandais, Paul Kagame, à l'occasion d'un sommet.



The 10-day summit held in Mbarara, Uganda, between a Congolese government delegation and the Ugandan authorities, gave birth to a plan for a joint operation by the Congolese and Ugandan armed forces against the alleged Ugandan rebels on behalf of the Ugandan authorities by the name of ADF in the Beni region.

However, it should not have taken a week to record the assassination of this noble program unilaterally by the Congolese authorities. This unpleasant surprise to the Beni nationals, who are victims of the odious barbarity of the said incivists, was nevertheless predictable for multiple reasons.

First, it is worth pointing out that at the same time of holding the summit of Mbarara, another delegation of the Kabilist regime was in Kigali Rwanda for a more strategic parallel meeting for the power in place. There the deployment was decided to move to the final phase of the occupation of the East of the country, so that the work that fell in Mbarara was only a technic of distraction intended to roll at the same time the government Ugandan and the Congolese people of Beni who are dying to see the end of insecurity in the region.

Consequently, for Kinshasa, there will never be any question of allowing Ugandans to annihilate the ADFs which constitute its most privileged pretext in its strategy of establishing power over insecurity and chaos. In return, Kinshasa, with the support of Kigali, believes that the moment has arrived to accelerate the military occupation leading to the balkanization of the east of the country.

Hence, this invaluable spill of troops on Eringeti, Beni, Oicha, Mbau Nyaleke etc. These troops are M23 and demobilized Rwandan army who were retrained in Congolese military centers and redeployed in the east (to Beni and Ituri) via Kisangani.

We can not say it enough, the incivists named ADF in the region of Beni are allies of the regime of J. Kabila since a long time. Kinshasa has no interest in decimating them, on the contrary it maintains them, supervises them, finances them, strengthens them by new recruits, protects them not only by finding them umbrellas among the officers of the regular army (in the case of the general Mundos), but still and especially by making them pass themselves for FARDC.

What a horror!

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