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Some 17 good reasons that annoy the world against Joseph Kabila …


Often, when there is an exasperating language about the Congolese head of state, Joseph Kabila, some believe that this is the expression of a normal antagonistic trends and beliefs can vary from one person to another. However, it is necessary to find all the reasons that lead the Congolese people and the whole world to challenge today Kabila’s power by deciphering carefully the call to order that a compatriot addresses in direct speech to the president Kabila in these terms:

« I do not know if you take into account the amount of provocations that the government is guilty of, and which frankly irritates us to the point that we are in danger of choosing to drive you out by force. »
I will quote your provocations:

1 / You block the electoral process by first publishing an incomplete and unconstitutional calendar that is based on a rotten file and deprives the new majors of the right to vote.

2 / You launch on these false bases of the provincial elections that you knowingly block by defrauding the candidates.

3 / You deflect the budgetary means for the elections and then you claim not to be able to organize them.

4 / You hurriedly set up new provinces and you cheat and corrupt almost openly the elections of the governors of the new provinces to place your militants there.

5 / You are chasing the defenders of the Constitution and the alternation to the point of being at the head of the hit parade of the universal violators of the human rights.

6 / Seeking to return the elections to the Greek calendars, you try in vain to link them to the hypothetical census of the Congolese. As proof, ONIP disappeared from the screens, while you claim that this institution would be able to carry out its mission in record time: three years later, ONIP was a gigantic scam because it was credited with 400 million dollars, did absolutely nothing: you wanted to roll people in flour!

7 / Once this blow has failed miserably you come back again with a bizarre calendar based on a rotten file. A timeline that passes, besides the poor quality of the file you recognize, as late as possible.

8 / Once the revision of the file is consumed, you begin to drag the steps. The control and testing of the equipment take 7 months; But the machines so long selected multiply the breakdowns in the enrollment centers.

9 / Meanwhile, the spirits of the Congolese are heating up and the partners become more worried.

10 / You then launch yourself into a blind hunt for opponents and contrary opinions. You launch a seductive call to dialogue while filling the dungeons and prisons of those you consider obstacles to your eternal reign.

11 / Shocked, several executives of the Presidential Majority disassociate themselves from these derivatives and are immediately treated by you as the worst enemies. Elected officials are prevented from traveling to the Congo and the police officers are dispersing even prayer sessions on Easter. Residences are vandalized, parties of dissenters shamelessly duplicated, and media closed … the persecution is going crazy! …

12 / Faced with these dangers that threaten our democracy, against all odds, opponents create the Rally: henceforth, the power has before it an organized and united force behind Tshisekedi.

13 / To legitimize your reign, you then pretend to really want to dialogue. But you take again the tactic of the consultations which is to fill the room with a lot of debauches who have a partial moderation here ensured by a former Secretary General of the OAU which caused Morocco to leave this Pan-African organization after having integrated SADR, corrupted by the Algerians, Kodjo thus made the continent lose the Moroccan contributions for 34 years. A true mercenary who succeeds in having agreements signed that will lead to the present Government but which will be vomited by the people.

14 / In front of the pressure, the CENCO is called to the rescue and we thus obtain the agreement of December 31 whose part concerning the arrangements is then victim of multiple maneuvers of power …

15 / Full of misfortune. Tshisekedi dies and since then, the government is actively trying to block the implementation of the text: it spends millions to divide the Rally and multiplies the obstacles …

16 / Several MPs are openly fighting against the agreement. Members of the Government in mind.

17 / You are looking to make the most of the disappearance of Tshisekedi and even attract division among its supporters to keep power.

Faced with all this, you dare to affirm that it would be the foreigners who manipulate us, which is false and very wrong…
Now listen to this: we are already tired of your maneuvers and now we are waiting for the end of this month … ..
After this time there will be only solution to multiply the pressure and chase you by all means, because too much is too much! …

Journal du citoyen

« It is thus understood the grave danger of any extension to the power of Joseph Kabila. Congolese worthy of the name must reject any form of transition. Indeed, given what is happening in Kivu- Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016 would allow time and resources to the Congolese government which is, obviously, an accomplice of the Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri in progress « (Father Vincent Machozi, March 19, 2016, speech that earned his murder the next day)

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