SOS! Student Kidnapping in Kiwanja


A sad fact dismayed the population of the city of Kiwanja this Saturday, October 14, 2017 towards the midday: Two students were kidnapped by malicious unknown persons. The victims of this barbarous and despicable act are children who attend Bukoma primary school in Kiwanja, in Rutshuru territory, in North Kivu province.

The public has shown its indignation and its disappointment at the constant deterioration of the state of security, while no remarkable effort is made by the competent authorities and the services in their power to improvement of the situation. All activities were paralyzed during the rest of the day through the city of Kiwanja. Panic affects all the inhabitants of this part of the country who understand that everyday life is now at risk, and that nobody is spared the threat of criminals that is currently permeating most of the countries of North Kivu.

To the authorities to demonstrate by palpable acts that they still deserve to be considered as leaders, that is to say those who are in charge of the welfare of the entities over which they reign.

Birungi Alice

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