Sponsor Congolese children



Héritier ( of Beni)
DOB: 1994
Nationality: Congolese (D.R. Congo)
Goes to school in Beni where he is in the last year of primary school.
Member of the Youth Eucharistic Movement, Beni-Paida Parish, Substation of
Status of Mother: widow, jobless, with many children.
Has difficult to pay school fees for the children
Pictures from Vincent’s home Diocese in the D.R. Congo.
Chicken and chicks unattended in the village
Vincent with the children after harvesting beans in the field
Vincent with children in the village of Vuhesi, Bunyuka Parish
a young kid from the field, carrying his younger brother, water on the head and a hoe in one hand
Kids playing with their little duck.. ( Beni)



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