The FARDC and MONUSCO taken hand in the pocket in Ruwenzori / Beni in the massacre of the population 

 If some could still doubt the fact that the ADF does not exist in Beni, if not that the Nande population is facing genocidaires under the command of Kagame and Kabila, in complicit silence from the international community, let them come to the Sector.  of Ruwenzori, in the territory of Beni.  It is no longer a secret for anyone, and the whole local population, martyred by this crime against humanity, has no doubts: the more there is the presence of FARDC soldiers (commonly called “alleged ADF-NALU”)  and MONUSCO forces (commonly called observers) in a corner of the territory of Beni, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, plus there are massacres, looting and destruction and occupation of fields during harvest periods.  And in fact, the massacres are carried out in the perimeters of the FARDC and MONUSCO camps, and very often they are preceded by suspicious movements day and night, with hermetically covered vehicles and helicopters to unjustifiable destinations.
 By taking the extraordinary courage to publicly denounce, and at any risk, the negative implication of certain elements of the MONUSCO forces, a personality of Congolese politics, who would be the Honorable Member of Parliament Alain SIWAKO, encourages the victim populations not to  give in to flattery and take charge, preventing camps of these ruthless soldiers of death from spreading over the territory.  The bruised population has saluted the courage of this elected representative and invites other politicians in the country to follow in his footsteps.  In fact, the silence of politicians is part of the Congo’s problem, because it constitutes complicity.
 We can follow his denunciation in this audio:
 Here: Audio from the Honorable Alain SIWAKO.
 This sad truth has been verified once again in this period of the end of the year 2020, the genocidaires having chosen to destroy the Ruwenzori sector, to loot its shops, to burn down its houses, to kill and traumatize its population, as well.  than to occupy all its rural communities, villages and agricultural areas with cocoa and other agricultural products.
 In fact, for a long time Rwenzori had resisted the force of the invaders.  And its agricultural areas had gradually become a real seed producer of the city of Beni, at the same time it constituted a real refuge for thousands of families victims of this insecurity imposed by the duo of death, Kagame-Kabila.
 The objective of this article is to remind once again that there is no ADF-NALU that would systematically kill a peaceful population in the territory of Beni, except that the Nande people face soldiers from Kagame.  and Kabila, reinforced by mercenaries of several nationalities from all over.  And their goal, implemented for years, is clearly genocidal: the Nande people and their entire economic and cultural system must be destroyed in order to appropriate the lands of their ancestors.  And for good reason?  The Nande people have succeeded in peacefully resisting the Rwandan invader and blocking the road to the occupation of greater Kivu, despite the multiple Rwandan armed groups in Kivu since 1997 (Interahamwe Kagamiste, RCD-Goma, CNDP, M23, ect.  )
 For several months, the populations of the Ruwenzori sector have been mercilessly massacred by these dogs of the death of Kagame-Kabila, the ADFARDC, a kagamized kabilist army, intentionally called “suspected ADF-NALU”.  Houses and shops burnt down, people killed, animals carried away, etc.  A calamity unparalleled in the history of this sector.
 This situation, which has already persisted in the area since the first attack in Halungupa, not far from the Semuliki river, has gradually become more pronounced throughout the Ruwenzori sector.  We have even seen pigs looted by so-called Islamists.  Irony of history !!!  In the meantime, kabilist officers became traders in cocoa, timber, minerals, etc.
 But unfortunately !  The vigilance of the martyred population of Ruwenzori has once again made it possible to unveil the mystery of these alleged ADFs, that is to say, the ADFARDC, in the sunlight.  Indeed, Congolese citizens and all of you who love the Congo, goats, pigs, etc., and all the commercial items looted by these thugs are found in the ADFARDC military camps in Bulongo and elsewhere.  Let anyone who doubts the truth of all this information make serious inquiries.  The people of Ruwenzori are willing to report further, providing details.  Otherwise, someone explains how enemies can infiltrate a thousand times military and MONUSCO forces positioned every hundred meters, and acting each time en masse and for hours.
 In any case, this reality of hypocrisy, complicity in genocidal crime and manipulation of public opinion must end.  There is no ADF-NALU in Beni, nor CADECO in Ituri.  The people have already suffered enough.  It is time for justice, if there is still any in the world, to do its job.
 Videos and photos speak of this stark reality: an army killing its own people because of instrumentalization, gluttony and bad governance.  In fact, soldiers are walking around with goats and other foodstuffs looted in Bulongo by loyalist soldiers without having killed or captured a suspected ADF, as we can see in this photo.
 Here: Photo of a soldier pulling goats on December 30, 2020, the same day the population of Mutwanza-Nzenga was forced to leave their home.
 To cover up their genocidal game, the ADFARDC even recorded videos to give the impression that they were being attacked by so-called Islamist ADF-NALU, pork eaters.  Naively courageous They are themselves distributors on social networks.
 Here is one of their videos, where we can listen to a so-called ADF-NALU militiaman questioning a so-called FARDC soldier in Lingala, a language that is used more by the Congolese soldiers.
 Here: Video of an interview of a so-called ADF with a so-called FARDC.
 In another video, these same ADFARDC make a montage of a supposed attack at their LOSELOSE camp, a few kilometers from the city of Mwenda;  shame not killing.  These men with bought conscience believe that the critical level of the population is as low as theirs.  Even a 5-year-old can see in the video that it is a masquerade game, without an enemy, set up with the intention of sowing and propagating a false opinion.
 Here: Video of a masquerade of an ADF attack at the FARDC camp in LOSELOSE.
 Beni-Lubero online offers heartfelt condolences to the families bereaved by the wickedness of these criminals and demands that the national and international justice authorities inquire into the situation that has plagued Beni territory for years.  And that President Felix Tshisekedi assume his responsibilities.  The battered population of Beni has the right to life, to the solidarity of the entire Congolese population and to justice.  We have never seen such indifference from an entire nation in the face of a catastrophe of this magnitude.  It’s incredible.  Even the President of the Republic shines with his silence, his inaction and his absence.  Either way, in this situation any form of silence and inaction is considerable as a complicity.
 Until then, let the people not be distracted.  Inhabitants of the Ruwenzori sector and the entire territory of Beni, do not abandon our lands, our villages, our rural communities, our fields, etc.  Let’s defend ourselves and protect them ourselves.  Our local leaders, take heart.  And above all, do not be accomplices.  Salvation will not come from elsewhere.  Among all, we must take our destiny in hand.
 Long live the DR Congo.  Long live the Territory of Beni.  Long live the people who defend and protect themselves.
 Kavira Mawazo
 ©️ Beni-Lubero Online.

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