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The Force Vive civil society of North Kivu stands up against the political drift in the DRC



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The organizations of the Civil Society Forces Vives of North Kivu after having analyzed the socio-political context of the DRC note bitterly the following:

– Differences within the political class caused by the lack of compromise in the specific arrangements in the framework of the implementation of the agreement of 31 December 2016 under the auspices of the National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO);

– The bad faith of the ruling class to apply the New Year’s Eve agreement;

– The risk of the non-organization of the elections in December 2017 which could cause unfortunate consequences by plunging the country into chaos;

– The irresponsibility of the opposition which shines through internal dissensions for selfish interests;

– The lethargy of the Congolese (opposition and majority) political actors not to facilitate the CENI to publish the electoral calendar with a view to respecting the organization of elections in December 2017 as originally foreseen in the agreement;

– Parliament’s bad faith not to vote a substantial budget which takes into account the organization of elections in December 2017;

– Monetary inflation, which is aggravating the national economy and exacerbating the purchasing power of the population, which is suffering from indescribable poverty; – manifest restrictions on the freedoms of association, peaceful demonstration and democratic space;

– The Government’s inability to put an end to the resurgence, multiplicity and activism of armed groups;

– Political manipulation of certain young people by creating citizen platforms and movements which jeopardize the promotion of human rights in the DRC. Notwithstanding this bleak picture, civil society organizations living in North Kivu strongly condemn the assassination of two United Nations experts, the disappearance of their drivers and interpreters, and the killing of police and civilians in the dismembered Kasai .

They also denounce the return of the M23 under the accompaniment of the neighboring countries in the province of North Kivu, the persistence of the massacres in the Beni, Rutshuru, Lubero, Masisi, Walikale territories, the nocturnal insecurity in the City of Butembo and the Threats against human rights defenders, following the example of the president of the civil society forces of the core of Kibirizi arrested on the orders of the Administrator of the Territory of Rutshuru.

In view of this situation, the organizations of the Civil Society Forces Vives of North Kivu recommend:

To the Head of State of the Democratic Republic of the Congo:
– To apply and enforce scrupulously the Agreement of 31 December 2016 on the basis of the guidelines of UN Security Council Resolution 2348 of 31 March 2017;

To Congolese political actors:
– To put the supreme interests of the people at the forefront to the detriment of their partisan interests.

To the Parliament of the DRC:
– To vote a substantial budget for the organization of the elections in December 2017.

To the Security Council:
– To increase the pressure on any political actor who would be at the origin of any blockage.

To the Territorial Administrator of Rutshuru:
– To order unconditionally and without delay the release of the human rights defender, President of the Civil Society of the Kibirizi core Mr MWANA.

To the civil society organizations and the people of the DRC:
– To remain vigilant and not to yield to the political motives of the moment.

Done at Goma on 03/04/2017

For the organizations of the Civil Society Forces Vives of North Kivu

Thomas d’Aquin MUITI LUANDA Mustafa, President.

Bary NEGURA, General Reporter

Etienne KAMBALE, Vice-General Reporter

N ° Respondent Coordination or Organization Contact:
1. MAMBO KAWAYA, Coordination de la SCFV-NYIRAGONGO, 0997741932
2. Augustin NDAGIJIMANA, Coordination de la SCFV-MASISI, 099313534
3. CHIZA NDAMENYA, Coordination de la SCFV-RUTSHURU, 0990918140
4. MASUDI KISANGULA, Coordination de la SCFV-WALIKALE, 0810001281
5. GEROGES KATSONGO, Coordination de la SCFV-LUBERO, 0997671767
6. Mme NOELA KATSONGERWAKI, Coordination de la SCFV-TERRITOIRE DE BENI, 0990477984
7. Mr Gilbert KAMBALE, Coordination de la SCFV-VILLE DE BENI, 0994009193
8. Monsieur l’Abbé Telesphor MALONGA, Coordination de la SCFV-VILLE DE BUTEMBO, 0816938248
9. Mme Annie PENGELE, Coordination de la SCFV-VILLE DE GOMA, 0997588430
10. Nestor BAUMA, CPDH-PHRC, +243 853246934, nestorcpdh@ gmail.com
11. Placide NZILAMBA, CIDDHOPE, +243 976310259, ciddhopegoma@ gmail.com
12. Mr. Paul LUGHEMBE, S.E.A asbl, +243817882400, paulughembe@gmail.com
13. Mr. Bantu LUKAMBO, IDPE asbl, +243997704042
15. Pascal MBUSA MUKO, EST asbl, estasbl1@gmail.com
16. SAMUELLA KYAKIMWA, CAFED, +243991721048 cafednordkivu@yahoo.fr
17. LUC KANIKI, FOPAC/ NK, +243994420131, kanikitoh@gmail.com
18. CHARLES BAHAVU N., RTLCOR, cbnab2013@gmai.com, +243 997769161
19. Pierre KATEMBO, RSDIH, sidhrdc@gmail.com, 0994254219
20. Roger KAYENGA, BOAD, 0998707284
21. Dieudonné KAMBERE, RODHECIP, +243 891767897, sadamkambre7@gmail.com
22. Josselin BANDU, BlessedAid, +243 811453466, blessedaidnet@gmail.com
23. Pascal KIKUNI, CDH-GL, +243 991735247, cdh.glhumanit@gmail.com
24. Hervé NSABIMANA, CODHAS, +243 822626005, codhasrdc05@ gmail.com
25. BATUNDI HANGI Vicar, FDAPID/SUWE, fdapidrdc@gmail.com, 0998401598
26. HADJI LUGABA, DEDQ, +243 813134020, dedq.nk@gmail.com
27. Léon SIMWERAYI, AJVDC, 0992570991, ajvdccongovision@yahoo.fr
28. Benoit MUHIIRWA, GEWEVUCA, 0995794919, gewevuca2014@gmail.com
29. Ir Jean Jacques KABUSALA, GSYSPAD, +243 898952047, gsyspad.rdcongo@gmail.com
30. SHUKURU KISUKA BABY, APDDH, 0974164058, apddhasbl.rdc@gmail;com,
32. Smith ETUMBA, VHD-RDC, 0993780597, vhd.rdc@gmail.com,
33. Salomon CHANDI, MEEABOV, 0990335610, meeabov2012@gmail.com,
34 Eric MIRIMO, APDEC, 2430812384740, apdecongo@yahoo.com,
35. Edmond MUHIMA, ACPD, +243853336828, acpd2001@gmail.com,
36. Esaïe KIKANDI, APSE, 243991922555, apserdco@gmail.com,
37. MASURI MABUTWA, VADI, +2439933765245, vadi2010@gmail.com,
38. Alain NYANGUBA, ARP, +243821960527, arpdrc@gmail.com,
39. Jules KUBUYA, AVD, +24382796100, mukoberwa11@gmail.com,
40. Pierrot KIESE, APEFE, +243997762255, appeferdc@gmail.com,
41. Pascaline BIGABA, NEP, +243829251033, nepdrc@gmail.com,
42. Sadock KALULU, UCODE, +243 853802930, ucodenk@gmail.com
43. Me Alexis MUHIMA, OSCMP, +243813153581, alexmuhima@yahoo.fr,
44. Christophe NYAMBATSI, GMLK, +243847000840, christophemutaka@yahoo.fr,
45. Josué LUMBULA, APDE, +243973993830, josuelumbula86@gmail.com,
46. Olivier BACIGUMANYA, ICDC, +24397238279, jospinmbali@gmail.com,
47. Isaac RWAMAKUBA, LJPEF, +243993691480, ljpefasbl@gmail.com
48. Moise KITSA, FPJAD, +243 997739569, fpjad@yahoo.fr
49. John MATHE, APD, +243 997534400, apdasblgoma@gmail.com
50. ANTOINE NDAGIJE, ASCODI, +243 993843714, ascodiasbl@gmail.com
51. Florence SITWAMINYA, CREDDHO, +243 997703162, creddho@yahoo.fr
52. Meschack NAKANYWENGE, UPDDHE/GL, +243 998802284, upddheongafrica@gmail.com
53. Emmanuel KAKULE, GLS, groupelasolidarite@gmail.com, +243 993771007
54. Denise KOMBI, LOFEPACO, Lofepacoliaisongoma@yahoo.fr, 09971273318
55. Benjamin, MUSHUNGANYA RDDHEDI, rddhediong@yahoo.fr
56. Mauka M B Pierre, SOCADI, mathebulalo@yahoo.fr, 0998668680
57. Sadam KAMBERE, RODHECIP, 0970580004
58. Linda QUEEN, LSC, 0997739381
59. Louise NYOTA, Comité des femmes du Nord Kivu, 0997037884
60. Bibish BWIRA REID 0992988279
61. Oswald, CRONGD, 0998666560
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