The hidden causes of the deployment of troops in the east of the country … Beni-Lubero


Eastern DRC in general, and the Beni region in particular, has been characterized by constant over-militarization for some time. In spite of this reality, it is noted with concern that the deployment is more intensive than ever before in the same sector, especially since the period leading up to 23 December 2018.
Today, revelations delivered by people from the military management box to the hierarchical head of the military structure help to understand the substance of the over-militarization still in progress, stating that the objectives of the deployment are among the following:

1. Smother the electoral base favorable to the political opposition, particularly targeting Beni-Lubero

The new soldiers arriving in Beni-Lubero are, according to military sources, sent to this region first of all to breathe new life into the phenomenon of permanent massacre since 2014. The Nande community (Yira) is considered by the Kinshasa regime as a sworn enemy. From where, whether in Beni-Lubero or in any other part of the east of the country, the soldiers currently deployed have only one major instruction: “Any other person is tolerable, but not the Nande, that we must never fail to kill as soon as we find an opportunity. ”

2. Deprive the people of Beni-Lubero to participate in the elections

The strategy remains the same, namely to ignite an uncontrollable state of insecurity. The availability of public treasury money helps fund armed groups that the current government has created in the region to further destabilize aboriginals. It is as if these groups have made themselves masters of the field. However, the reality is that these poor unhappy militias, often recruited reluctantly (after being kidnapped) only serve as cover for the terrorist troops that Joseph Kabila dropped to decimate the local population. The aim of such behavior is to keep the target region under the pressure of a war psychosis, a virtual and unjustifiable war, especially when the many votes will open to welcome the people to the polls. Joseph Kabila would have decided not to allow the people of Beni-Lubero to vote, because of their zeal to demand political change and because of their support for the political opposition. This is why, adds the military source, the massacres of Beni must continue in a more intensive way than in the past. It is a project that aims to deprive the approximately 2 million voters in the targeted region from voting.

3. Reactivate the Ituri massacres

While swords and weapons are reactivated against the Nande in the Beni area, further violence is planned against the Hema people in Ituri. Currently countless troops of Kabila terrorists are being transported to Ituri. The Congolese government officially presents them as “policemen”. Ituri will suffer the same kind as the neighboring region of North Kivu. The war and the insecurity that Joseph Kabila’s private military will incur will not only provide him with a valid justification for suspending the dream of going to the polls. A conspiracy that seeks to distract the Congolese to worry about the war situation that will be imposed on them.

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