The Kabila regime caught in the act: Here are all the strategies put in place for rigged elections but that the hand of God has just dismantled!


Before the plenary of the National Assembly scheduled for Monday, November 27, a meeting was held Friday, November 24 at the Hotel du Fleuve grouping the deputies of the PPRD around the President of the CENI, the President of the National Assembly , and the Secretary General of their party. During this meeting, the issues relating to the adoption of the electoral law, the draft of which has just been tabled in the National Assembly by the government, were raised.

Reassured by the President of the CENI of the existence of a voting machine, the deputies of the PPRD were given instructions concerning the guarantee of the victory of the PPRD conditioned by the famous machine as well as the adoption of the law establishing a threshold and increased eligibility conditions.

The President of the National Assembly and Secretary General of the Presidential Majority explained the need to eliminate the bulky parties of the majority, to get rid of their allies, in order to share the power to come between the members of the PPRD. They also discussed the way to buy the vote of the deputies by a « frame » particular.

Four points are to be emphasized in a particular way in this verbatim
– Corneille Nanga is indeed at the service of the regime. All his energies and his conferences have no other objective than to win the presidential majority. And it is for this purpose that he imposes electronic voting.

– Since the advent of this regime, only personal interests and money worry the Presidential Majority. And she has taken so much taste that it is decided to keep the power to loot and bleed to the bottom of the country. The people do not interest him.

-The country is evoked in terms of cake to share. All ministries and posts in public functions at both the local and the governmental level are distributed to take advantage of this cake, as at the time of colonization.

– The electoral law was designed to win the majority and for that we must do everything possible for it to be adopted, even by means of corruption.

As you will see, it is illusory to believe in free and transparent elections organized by this regime. The people are warned. He must assume.

Here is the exclusive minutes of this meeting that Benilubero took care to verbalize from the sound audios that Jeuneafrique has published and that you can find by clicking on the link below: political / electoral-reform-exclusive-to-floor-a-sound-recording-reveals-the-strategy-the-party-of-kabila /
Benilubero can only thank this member of the Majority whose conscience, challenged by the Spirit of God, has informed the opinion of this macabre project.


Corneille Nangaa, President of the CENI:

« What is proposed in the new law is that alternate candidates are appointed and co-opted at the same time as the incumbents. What is it? We had just organized the elections, governors and vice-governors. And there were two cases: there was the election of the only vice-governors in Bas-Uélé and the governor in Mongala. And what is said, when there is a vacancy of a single element, it is a limited election, only its party, its political group or the independent designates the vice-governor. In doing so, at Bas-Uele level we had this letter of consent from the Government. He is an independent and we organized the election. On the other hand, in Mongala, the governor who was elected on an independent list did not give a letter of consent. Without this letter of consent, we could not move forward. We had to suspend the election. We now see that a governor or a party that would like to remain alone, or an independent, even a party that says that we would like this governor to remain alone, he can organize and not give the letter of consent. And so suddenly, do not let this election happen. So we proposed that paragraphs 1 and 2 of article 42 of the law on the free administration of the provinces be incorporated in article 160 of the electoral law to say that the governor or party is obliged to give the consent letter to answer. Otherwise he is sanctioned …


Henri Mova, Secretary General of the PPRD:

« That the best way is the one we will choose, we must defend it to the end. We have to discuss it here rather than going to do it in front of cameras because here we can go deeper, we have plenty of time to do it. But if we feel that there is nothing to see and that things should continue like this, we will cheat in relation to our own commitments and the will of our party’s initiator. So I would like the comrade president to intervene to start the debate and we have the idea that we have our chances of success if this law as suggested or the introductions of change that we are going to do so that our point triumphs view. That’s why we also have a majority. And not to suffer the effect of bomb because the opposition is on the rise we must bow. It is to reverse the pyramid where we should impose ourselves by the law of numbers. There you go Comrade President, please.  »

Aubin Minaku, Secretary General of the MP and President of the National Assembly:

« Thank you comrade Secretary General. There are opposition members waiting on the other side to join Corneille. My little contribution is this one. We have received, as I said, the members of the majority (…) for a more efficient democracy. But we are alone. Unless among us there are also some who support the threshold. Because if among us there are some who have created parallel political parties – political strategy obliges in the interest of the political family or not – if there are, they will plead against the threshold among us. And it’s important to note as well. Now I think the debate should be frank so we know, now that everyone else is against it. We 150 MPs, we are the majority, although we must relativize that. What are we doing ? You will remember for those who were part of the past legislature, we defended the related. In plenary that day, those who spoke to defend the revision of the electoral law were Ramazani, Tumba and me. And under the leadership of Boshab and every time it was a rejection. Total rejection. Everything was finally rejected! Do we go all the way knowing that it can go that way? On the political level is it good? (…)  »


« It is with great difficulty that we will see a comrade to tell him: You must leave the government. Because we have not been able to defend the regime by ourselves, we needed an agreement and to introduce people into the cake that did not get fat because there are new ones Venus. But to say that there are only 50 ministers means that those who have the most have to cut back. You imagine we are suffering, Comrade Ramazani Shadari is witnessing it. It is at the last minute that even the Ministry of Sports, « Find ways to tell comrade Willy Bakonga we gave up at the last minute by what the Prime Minister insists he too must be credible in front otherwise we will say that « … You do not imagine all the trouble, that this province could not be represented. Which argument to use? And the comrades have not been unworthy. They must leave because of political arrangements. It’s a big snake. And besides, when you look good, since I’ve been there I often say it like in Papa Wemba’s song: « I’ve seen comrades fall every day. » Public enterprises, government, ministries, provinces and therefore the more we advance the less there are posts to us and therefore more frustrations. Is it to the extent that in the management of frustrations we must prevent something that puts us back to being much more comfortable. To constitute a government here we are not comfortable. Why ? By what is there (…) If we present all the 500 seats, we propose lists, we are in the PPRD 2000 candidates, we have to give 2000 people the 500 dollars, we are already in the million. And so in absolute terms it is we who give the most but you do not feel the effect of the fact that we are more numerous and we present everywhere. The means we’re talking about – do not pretend we’re in opposition. Who got rich the most eventually? Let’s talk about it ! Who really worked at PPRD? Because you were governor and you had a lot of money, you can get out 50 million. Comrade Makwenge perhaps in the health program there were millions to give to the party. Make no mistake, none of us here has the capacity to fund PPRD activities. Yes, we had to exercise at one time or another. But that’s not enough to finance. Can we quote each other? We even quote sometimes: « You are a director in a small company! » Is that enough? Sometimes we give you $ 1,000 every three months. You finance which elections? Do not do autoflagellation thinking that comrades who have been designated here or there are sufficiently provided with financial means to be able. We should have defined the true financing mechanisms of this party in major markets, in business, in … It is not by having responsibilities. Even in the government. How much do they affect the members of the government to really finance?


Mova continues: « Because on another level, you are also quoted deputies who are privileged … »


Mova continues: « You say it’s too late! It’s never too late to do well. Here is an initiative from elsewhere but meets what we have always wanted. And we are the first to refuse that. It even becomes suspect. There are some who show us that we do not even dare to defend it. Defend it! (…) For those who will succeed us they will know that this party had at one time the concern to govern this country. At the pace where things go, when we tell you we are social democracy. A prime minister who has come from some ideological border is doing his program and we are obliged to defend him every day, you see that we are betraying our cause (…).

Ramazani Shadari, Deputy Prime Minister of the Interior:
« 300 votes, we’ll bring the kits, we’ll do this … But when he talks about the voting system that is not followed. Because it’s a political decision. Highly political. Now, as it is a political decision, which must pass there, the president of the National Assembly said: « Let’s examine! » Ditto the opposition. The work we did yesterday, I do not know, everyone is against it. Here too, there are contradictions in the PPRD. Pure PPRD and the others who were in the mosaic, they believe they will be eliminated. Will we have 260 votes to get our project through the threshold?  »


Ramazani continues: « Here it is, the work now of the Secretary General. Thank you »

Minaku: « I followed halfway but it was already clear enough. You must remember how we managed to create the mosaic political parties. It’s relative to the voting system. And the mosaic parties are not political parties. They are instruments of electoral strategy. It’s party-draws without activists, flags and all that … I take the PPPD …  »


Minaku continues: « Please comrades. I take the example of the PPPD. Alex where are you? You know my assistant Alex. Members know him. He is a founding member of the PPPD because he was at my side when the statutes were drafted. Ramazani’s wife, my wife, Katumba disagreed about his wife, our wives, our collaborators. They are the founding members. Because we had said to ourselves if there is deviance, the founding members who are close to us must be able to decide. Fortunately, there is no deviance yet …


Minaku continues: « But you have to know, from time to time, there is this little idea, there are parties that do not exist. This was done at the table. Who is it? It’s … uh … It’s ADG or ADGA … the half-breed … uh .. It’s Elesse who was in charge of going to the left on the right for the administrative procedures. And so tomorrow when we will develop the lists under the direction of the comrade Secretary General of the party. I was elected to Idiofa PPRD, I can find myself on the PPPD list. It depends on the distribution. Learn. I could end up on the MIP list while Lumanu could end up on the PPRD list. It’s an internal repair. Electoral strategy. A point a line. There is another problem, it is the management of ambitions after. This is where, particularly at the level of the Assembly, some of the PPPD and others in quotation marks, of course, have the impression that each time there was a distribution of posts, those who were on the lists of the PPRD were still appointed …


Minaku continues: « Please. It is perhaps there that some problems were born that we must manage. But for the rest, dear comrades, the mosaic parties are not parties. They are instruments of electoral strategy. Let’s internalize this reality. But those who manage the ambitions will also consider whether there have been some distractions in the past. But the candidates are bad, the lists are bad … and all that … Some may not agree, but where the President of the CENI really seized the opportunity positively it is when he explained, and that he took the opportunity to talk about the voting machine. The voting machine is not an electronic vote, and it has impressed us and convinced us of the usefulness of this debate to explain the meaning of the voting machine that will allow the PPRD to become the majority without the others. Now we will go, the plenary is already for tomorrow. There will be some directions. The legislature passed, we went to plenary. And there it was a failure! This time we will lift the option that do. Should we take it all the way, during the general debate until the vote and at some point explain our position. We will reflect on this and raise an option tomorrow morning. Notably after reporting to the moral authority and here the Secretary General. Here are my comrades, my little contribution.

« Dear comrades, the point has been made. It is in the conclusion of the Comrade President of the Assembly that the new problem is found. What do we do concretely after this discussion? Do we assume all the more as I told you the preliminary project, the project does not come from us, but the government, we are, it seems majority in it. He presents himself before us. And whoever will introduce the law is our comrade. Are you going to go up to the public slab, going down what your comrade is defending, or are we assuming to lose, as the honorable gentleman said, arms in hand? But we can not escape this debate. We can not postpone either. Especially since you may be surprised if the opposition sees you taking its own positions that does not change position because of you, it would be the world upside down. Can we assume and show that the political scene still has serious personalities who assume themselves as such? A minority eventually ends up being a majority « .

« I think there are two stages. At the government level, it is not so easy. The passage of this bill was very laborious. At the government level. And it was not easy. This is the report we had. But this has been adopted. (…) The presidents of the political parties of the majority (…) What is his point of view? We had similar debates during the past legislature. Here. But if the government thinks we have to decelerate, we will not go there to support a point of view that would bother the government. We will explain the relevance of this approach, this proposal, but also at the same time explain the reason for the overshoot in relation to this point. So it all depends on the option that would be lifted by the government. But it’s up to us to help the government because it’s not easy. Politically now is it good in this context today to suffer a failure in plenary? I wonder about that point. I remember the postponement when it was a failure. I can still see how Boshab started using his hammer. I see Ramazani who was next to it, it was not easy. Is it good to suffer a failure in this way? This is where we will think …  »


Minaku continues: « But if it was impossible for the opposition to change position on our behalf, that is really our point of view. But opponents today said something important. They refuse because it is in the interest of the one who is in power today. Since the majority is in the process of revising the electoral law, it is in their interest. « And so we have to reject » that’s what they said. We may have chosen the wrong time …  »


Minaku continues:
« We may have chosen the wrong time, because an electoral law that is revised is in the interest of the majority, we must support it. Now we realize that our allies in the majority is not so obvious. Hence the difficulty! Here is Secretary General « .

« We will do honor to the National Assembly, whether it concludes. So a deputy will say the end-word of the story  »

A deputy :
« At this point, I think it will be dangerous for us. The law is already distributed. The VPM will present it. And we must support the proposal and the government project. So that a sequel is not yet well known.

« If we are sure of losing, evaluate things politically. Is it good to go to the vote? Well, please, is it good to go to the vote? Just like the government – Ramazani, it’s you who will present – the government can introduce the bill in its entirety, support the threshold. There is a debate, we support the threshold. The law goes to committee. In committee I will give two days. Two days because we have to adopt before 30. In committee two days of debate and then amendments, etc. Can we change things in committee? If we « frame » the process, will they follow us despite coaching? To « frame » you must be sure to reach the goal!

A deputy :
« The plenary debate is taking place. We at the PAJ committee can prune. What can not return in plenary. If we feel that the threshold question has no chance of going to plenary, to the PAJ committee where we are, we can organize ourselves to remove it from the text that will be presented to the plenary. Like this, once in plenary, the majority does not have to fear a vote that can be harmful. That’s what I wanted to suggest. Because, the VPM, in his address of presentation of the bill, start yourself to be hara kiri on a text that he himself distributed, I think it would be more damaging as a political family « .

« In itself, the tactic is what, there was a shell. At the meeting we sent a bill, but we were sent a draft bill. It is a shell because I believe that in the letter of transmission it is well worded bill. And I grabbed the government for it to be …

One Member to another:
« Ah yes, it is above all the money of the state, if given to me, I will eat it. But I will not vote anything, I assure you. The population may lynch us one day. Besides, every year we are promised the same thing … Mmmh  »

Benilubero: Everything is clear. It is without comment


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