The Kyaghanda Yira proposes its mediation in the crisis between the Ugandan Government and the king of the Bakonzo.





The Yira cultural community, represented by its organizational structure known as Kyaghanda Yira ASBL, followed with all the clashes that suddenly broke out in Kasese between the Ugandan security forces and the royal guard of the Rwenzururu chieftain on 26 and 27 November 2016.

Great was the emotion of Kyaghanda to the findings of human and material damage that crowned these two days, especially in view of the number of deaths recorded as a direct result of this event which was excessively tragic.
The Kyaghanda presents its most saddened condolences to families whose members perished in this circumstance. It calls all parties to restraint. On the other hand, without pretending to support one party to the detriment of the other, it should be noted that the force used on the government side was by far excessive and disproportionate to the situation that had to be mended.

From this point of view, comments emerging from different opinions stigmatize this fact by overflowing in every direction. The Kyaghanda has not failed to follow with interest and sustained attention these different points of view whose character often seems more corrosive than curative. This led the Kyaghanda to also propose its own viewpoint, especially in order to make its contribution to the need to reconcile the two poles (the Ugandan government and the kingship of Rwenzururu), so that the flame Caused by the recent shining shock is definitely extinguished.

From where :
Given the cultural unity shared by the Yira in Uganda and DR Congo, despite the delimitation of the political boundary which seems to present them as two peoples, while they are one;
Considering the proximity which characterizes them, for they remain joined to one another, in spite of the said political frontier;
Considering the common economic interests shared by the DR Congo and Uganda at the common border inhabited by the same community;
Considering finally the security interests to which the two neighboring countries (DRC and Uganda) aspire at the same border;

The international steering committee of Kyaghanda Yira considered it essential to immediately adopt an attitude to promote reconciliation between the Ugandan government and the customary power of Rwenzururu. In concrete terms, Kyaghanda Yira took the initiative of taking the role of mediator between the Ugandan government and the Rwenzururu customary government, through the assessment of the Coordinator of its international steering committee.

This is an approach whose aim will be to clarify, inter alia:

1/ Why was there as many deaths as it was counted in just two days in Kasese?

2/ Who would be behind such a phenomenon that caused so much damage on the human and material level?

3/ How to prevent this kind of tragedy in the future and how to put an end to the case?

Moreover, the Kyaghanda wishes to clarify that the incident or event causing the death of a massive man in Kasese is in no way to be interpreted in the sense of the ongoing genocide against the Bayira in the territory of Beni. Indeed, while in Beni, DR Congo, the phenomenon of an almost planned and organized massacre has taken place, which has taken on a genocidal appearance against an innocent, defenseless and totally abandoned people in this sad state by those who are supposed to protect it, The clash of Kasese and his killings appear rather as the effect of the effort of a government concerned with preserving the security and integrity of its national territory according to the government itself, but unable to measure the use of its forces proportionally to the obstacle to be neutralized.

Therefore, all members of the Yira community should regain calm and should never give in to the unrest caused by misinterpretation of the facts, while being confident that Kyaghanda’s involvement with the Ugandan government is capable of providing a lasting solution on the subject of « Kasese carnage ».

Made in Canada on December 04, 2016.

For the International Steering Committee of Kyaghanda Yira

General Coordinator
Responsible for Diplomacy and External Relations.


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