17th anniversary of the horror of the tragedy of the invaders in Kisangani (DRC)


Kisangani: 17 years ago, day in and day out, the armies of Rwanda and Uganda clashed in what was called the Six-Day War (5-10 June 2000). Nearly 1,000 dead and 3,000 wounded (mostly civilians, our brothers and sisters); More than 6,600 shells fired, with material damage that Kisangani never recovered from.

Today, the perpetrators of these crimes are generals, ministers, ambassadors in their countries. Our irresponsible politicians are in silence and indifference. Some still reissue today the massacre of Congolese in Beni, Kasai, Lubero, Rutshuru, Tanganyika and elsewhere. Their power is a ship that is driven only by Congolese blood! The survivors, haunted by horror, the double loss of theirs that the nation has forgotten, and the total impunity of their executioners, the destitution, have only tears to weep. Even the symbolic condemnation of Uganda by international justice has never been carried out! Karenzi Karake, the Rwandan officer who at that time commanded the Rwandan units on the ground in Kisangani, was even appointed by the UN to lead a « peace » mission in Darfur (Sudan)!

Faced with so many absurdities, we, the Congolese (men and women) citizens, have the sacred duty of NOT FORGETTING; To know this tragic history, to commemorate its victims and heroes, and to fight again and again so that one day the truth breaks out and justice is done. This flame is that of remembrance and hope. It must illuminate the path of our struggles, revive the souls of our martyrs, and haunt forever the hearts of those who, as of today, drink the blood of our own. It will remain symbolically as a picture of our profile until June 11th.

You can particularly use this image as your profile photo, posting or sharing this publication on your social networks, sending it to your contacts on WhatsApp, sharing your ideas, songs, drawings, poems, … on this tragedy, etc. For those in Kisangani, you can go to the Memorial Cemetery of the victims of the Six Day War, clean up the places, plant flowers, organize minutes of silence in your classes, audiences, workplaces, etc.

You can also simply join the Lucha so that we can fight together for a united, peaceful, democratic, free and prosperous Congo, similar to our dreams!

In Lucha !

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