Les femmes manifestant devant la Mairie de Beni

The UN and SADEC, the great witnesses of the Beni massacres in front of the world !!!


The massacres of Beni will have lasted too long, favored by the indifference of the international community and those regional, in this case SADEC. As the days passed, the people who were victims of the atrocities in Beni did not fail to raise their cry of distress to these international institutions to seek humanitarian relief and protection, but to no avail.

If tomorrow a court to judge the crimes committed in Beni can be set up, certainly the UN and the SADEC will not be missed among the respondents, especially for not having done anything in order to come to the aid to the people in danger, even even for complicity, when it is necessary to look into the attitude of the UN troops present in the region of the massacres.

It is on such a file that afrique.lalibre.be puts the accent in its article entitled: Beni’s call to the UN and SADEC: « Come save us ». This moving article should be accessed via the following link: https://afrique.lalibre.be/25217/beni-appelle-les-pays-voisins-a-envoyer-des-troupes-sur-son-territoire/

Jolida Tumaini

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