It is with sorrow that the Cultural Council Kyaghanda association Obughama bw’aba Yira, notes that this Sunday, October 2, 2016, is the second anniversary of the massacre of peaceful citizens of territories Beni and Lubero and Beni town counting several thousand dead , currently estimated at more than 2,500 victims, mostly girls and son of Yira community, an average of more than 3 people per day for two years.

Remember, this vast bloody campaign by criminals whose identity remains veiled, was launched since October 2, 2014 and after the first phase of criminal kidnapping of more than 1,000 people (3 priests from Mbau included) of every age and sex, and whose destination remains a mystery to date.

The Cultural Council of Kyaghanda association Obughama bw’aba Yira, complains:

1. Unwarranted and targeted loss of members of the community with practical and a way quite terrorists;

2. From the laxity of the authorities of the DR Congo, which, during two years of massacres, resign themselves to counter the continuation of this macabre business and even give the identity of the real perpetrators;

3. Of the silence of the authorities of the DR Congo and the international community to declare these endless and targeted killings of Yira as genocide.

To this effect, the Kyaghanda association of the Cultural Council Obughama bw’aba Yira reiterates:

– The DRC authorities and the international community to declare the killings as genocide of the Yira community and identify with rigor and impartiality the true authors of the crime; to make use of legal instruments in their possession establishing the « sacredness of human life, » the protection of persons and their property;

– To all the Congolese people to be much more united and closer to the population of Beni-Lubero suffering the hardest and most difficult moment in the history of the country.

– For girls and sons of the Yira community to strengthen their bond of solidarity in community cohesion seen to participate, as little as it may be, to their own security.

Deign God Almighty, God of Yira revealed his power to end forever this humanitarian tragedy in our territories and city of Beni-Lubero.

Done in Butembo, October 2, 2016

For the Cultural Council
1st Vice-President.

©Beni-Lubero Online.


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