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What is behind the enrollment in North Kivu?


Un centre d’enrôlement de la CENI au Nord-Kivu

It is since December 13, 2016 that Governor Paluku-Kahongya Julien officially announced the beginning of the enrollment to precede the next elections. The precipitation of the enlistment of this enrollment in North Kivu, which is still in a particularly troubled security environment, is no coincidence. It is necessary to list several reasons behind this motivation, which most Congolese compatriots still do not know.

Here are a few:

In 2015, and even in 2016, the province of North Kivu observed a migratory phenomenon of persons with veiled identity and origin who came from the south of the province, whose flow flooded the great North Kivu (Beni territory) and Ituri, while the massacre took on a dizzying scale in that part of the Republic which these unknown nomads preferred as their final destination. The Congolese Government and all its competent institutions have consistently maintained an astonishing silence in this regard. No effort has been made to take account of the warnings of the indigenous peoples who have repeatedly sought to draw the attention of opinion to this phenomenon whose danger upstream was only more than evident. On the contrary, the Congolese official, through his security and law enforcement agencies, sought to stifle the will of the inhabitants of Beni-Lubero and Ituri to reveal any truth about this A suspicious migration movement that channeled strangers to impose on the environment to the detriment of the natives, and all this under a curious unacknowledged protection of the official.

In Butembo, as in Beni, the population’s efforts to intercept and even arrest vehicles carrying these suspects often led to clashes between the local population and the police, as the latter had to execute discreet orders responded by the hierarchy. Different levels for the strict protection of these « clandestine » immigrants. Moreover, proofs have only been sufficient to prove that the persons concerned were by no means Congolese. Indeed, they were unable to tell precisely where they came from and neither to describe exactly their destination. In all, they bore only the stroke of foreign visitors and totally disoriented. The army and public administration in North Kivu and Ituri, according to their own testimonies collected in discretion, have repeatedly confirmed the complicity of the authorities of the country in this maneuver without disclosing the political underpinnings. In North Kivu, Governor Julien Paluku became a lawyer for these illegal immigrants who he vainly sought to prove to be Congolese subjects in search of arable land. Meanwhile, in Ituri, Governor Abdallah Penembaka warned the Hema, Ngiti and Nyali (whose space was gradually invaded by these immigrants) against any negative attitude against the settlement on the spot of these displaced persons, under penalty of To attract the lightning of the Central Government. The administrator of the territory of Irumu, in Ituri, who wanted to raise the tone to demand their identification among its citizens was masterfully stifled and controlled by its hierarchy. However, all these maneuvers of pressure and oppression have proved powerless to contain the growing grumbling of opinions among the natives in the greater North Kivu and in Ituri.

Thus, the provincial governor of North Kivu, Mr. Julien Paluku, to ease the tension, published a circular suspending any « suspicious movement » of the populations from the south to the north of the province. This was only a trompe l’oeil. At the same time, the same authority had to impose a curfew on Béni and Butembo (the 18hr operation) imposing a restriction on the movement of indigenous people who had been ordered to shut themselves up at home already after 6 pm. It was a great strategy for our clandestine immigrants to confirm their « clandestinity » by crossing the surveillance zone Nande (Beni-Lubero) nightly, safe from any embarrassing witness. Indeed, Julien Paluku knew exactly what comedy he was playing.

Also, many questions leave minds perplexed about these unknown immigrants. All claim to seek areas to cultivate in Eringeti (Beni territory) and Tchabi (Ituri). The biggest question that has never been answered either by the persons concerned or by the Congolese authorities who cover them is to ask themselves what logic these immigrants claim to seek land and prosperity in a A zone plagued by massacres, slaughter of humans by their fellow men, recurrent insecurity due to the permanent war against alleged Ugandan rebels ADF … where the national army still fails to guarantee the security of its compatriots? In addition, who really are these people in migratory movement towards the great North Kivu and Ituri and where do they come from?

Surely, the Congolese official has every interest to remain silent on these issues. However, detailed investigations prove that the immigrants concerned are Rwandan refugees who were brought to the Democratic Republic of Congo by the ruling authorities in Kinshasa for a specific plan.

This is a plan of destabilization of the Nande people in all areas of life. This is aimed at its demographic weakening, the destruction of its economic fabric and the disorganization of its cultural harmony and its social destabilization. Thus, for example, by settling in Tchabi and Boga, in Ituri, these immigrants whose language is Kinyarwanda, endeavors to learn Kinande and acquire Nande’s names to pretend to be subjects Nande in front of the natives. In this way, all the crimes they commit will ipso facto be carried in charge of the Nande people, therefore, will draw the boredom of all other communities on the Nande wherever they chose to settle their activities outside the space Of Beni-Lubero. So, initially, the Hema and the Nyali quickly thought that they were Nande invading them, so that these communities were already preparing for a war against the Nande. Moreover, these intruders carry false maps of new Congolese voters (not duplicates but originals) at a time when the CENI has declared an enlistment operation between 2011 and 2016. Once again, even these cards Are often falsely imbued with Nande names alongside others who still retain the Kinyarwanda identity of their porters. Other immigrants, lacking any specific identification, show just a collective roadmap almost always betraying questionable authenticity.

On the other hand, these invaders, without being identified either nationally or in terms of their community origin, are already challenging indigenous peoples by claiming their own administrative entities (groups and communities). Indeed, in Chabi, for example, it is disturbing to see the number of these immigrants already crushing that of the indigenous Nyali whose fate is currently in the uncertainty due to the total absence of protection from the authorities of Countries in their favor. Again, the hierarchical instances of the country continue to keep a guilty silence instead of discouraging them.

Yet Benilubero.com has long held information about a Kabila plan to rebuild an electoral fief in Kivu-Ituri, based on a system of « repopulation » of these entities by people to  » Importing « . The reservoir in which he had to draw was precisely the midst of the Rwandan refugees scattered around the world, but especially those in the subregion of the great lakes. This is why all the pseudo-rebellions he created from the east of the country (such as the CNDP and the M23) were primarily interested in claims relating to the repatriation of refugees, knowing that the wrist of Rwandophone refugees Truly Congolese would become a Trojan horse to bring back to the DRC thousands of genuine Rwandans whom he wishes to convert informally into Congolese for his political interests. Unfortunately for him, this plan has always stood an irremediable obstacle, when officially the Congolese government (ignoring this mafia plan) required the prior identification of the refugees to repatriate. Because many false refugees claiming to be Congolese would be unable to invent a historical reference on the Congolese national territory, as was also observed during the enrollments of 2006 and 2011, when some intruders candidate for enrollment In Goma indicated their origin in Rubavu (that is, in Gisenyi, in Rwanda).

It is this failure which has given rise to the plan of infiltration or illegal immigration that are observed these days through the phenomenon of movement of the unknown towards Beni and Ituri, as a palliative means. Rwandan refugees expelled from Tanzania were recovered by Kabila to fulfill his political dream in DR Congo. The CENI of Nanga has been instructed to make diligence to enlist those unknowns from any other form of prior identification that could lead to their foreign origin. This is the real reason that motivates Nanga to precipitate the enlistment operation in North Kivu.

Because, under reasonable and honest conditions, North Kivu, in its current state of security, can never reflect a priority over other parts of the country, when we think of the enlistment of citizens. Indeed, in Beni the massacres have driven most of the peasants out of their lands and their reference entities. In Butembo and its surroundings also the war is gaining more and more importance, south of Lubero, in the territories of Rutshuru And part of Masisi’s chronic insecurity has delivered multitudes to a movement of incessant displacement. Paradoxically, it is unknown who settle in the land, entities deserted by compatriots hunted by the massacres, wars and insecurities provoked (case of Beni, south of Lubero etc.). Therefore, it is these foreigners who will be enrolled instead of the aboriginal people. Thus, the Kabila Plan is carried out in the footsteps of the crimes that decimate the Congolese citizens: this single illegal enlistment will suffice to endow the thousands of foreigners (with intent to the nationals) of the Congolese Nationality in Tchabi (Ituri) , Boga (Ituri), Beni, Lubero, Rutshuru, Masisi and Nyiragongo.

All opinions have witnessed the fact that the Governor of North Kivu had given the appearance of suspending the movement of unknown persons towards the north of the province, and that, in parallel with this official decision, he deliberately chose not to Follow-up on this provision. As a result, the suspicious movement of unknown persons continued normally until that moment. On this point, it is certainly not incompetence, but rather complicity.

Another reason for the precipitation of the enrollment just the day before December 19, 2016 is the diversion of the attention of the mass of the people on the expiration of the mandate of the head of the State. Kabila and his political sphere know that the people are in the craze to go to the elections as quickly as possible. They also surveyed that every citizen is convinced that he / she will only be able to vote if he / she holds a valid voter’s card, that is to say, updated according to the administrative provisions of the moment. Thus, it was necessary to launch with great pomp the process of enlistment just the day before the December 19, so that by concentrating, the mass popular turns away from its programs of manifestation built « Kabila, red card ». And even in this context, the launch of the enrollment is by no means to be taken as sufficient proof of Kabila’s willingness to give free rein to the long-awaited elections, but simply a distraction to gain more days to his expiring mandate . The understanding of Congolese too dupes can not understand this rule of cunning when the Kabilists multiply words to claim to be determined to organize the elections as soon as possible.

In North Kivu, hasty enlistment is a conspiracy of the government against the alternation of power, against national sovereignty and against the integrity of the country. Indeed, everything is done to remove some (especially the Nande people from a national concert) to favor the others who will have been prepared to demand very soon the autonomy of the Kivu, according to the dream of President Kabila and his accomplices Where they can perpetuate their power indefinitely. This is what emerges from the genocidal massacres against the Nande which extend already into the territory of Rutshuru, if we understand the killing events of 21 and 22 December last in Bwalanda, in Bwito chiefdom, in the Territory of Rutshuru.

In this context, what kind of future is being prepared for North Kivu?

It is imperative to establish immediately an appropriate identification system to resolve honestly and objectively the geo-social issue in the Kivu. Otherwise, this region will remain characterized by a powder keg, the scale of which will always be increasing, taking dimensions that will not be mastered in the 10, 20 or even 30 years to come. Indeed, Kabila, like every man, will pass. But he has left behind a deluge to the disaster unimaginable for Kivu and the DR Congo.

« One understands thus the grave danger of any extension to the power of Joseph Kabila. Congolese worthy of the name must refuse any form of transition. Indeed, in view of what is happening in Kivu-Ituri, any transition beyond December 2016, would give time and means to the Congolese government which is, obviously, an accomplice to the Rwandan occupation of Kivu-Ituri In progress « (Father Vincent MACHOZI, March 19, 2016, speech which earned his assassination the following day).

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