Beni, cette ville que les terroristes présumés ADF jurent d'occuper d'ici quelques matins

Urgent!!! Massive new massacres in preparation for Beni-ville and its surroundings …


« All that has just been observed these days as tragedy in the city of Beni, even the recent attack, is only a slight shadow of the historical massacres that our people are preparing against the inhabitants of this city and its surroundings. » , entrusted by compassion a supporter of Beni’s slaughterers to the sources of Benilubero Online. The final assault of the enemies of the peace for the occupation of Beni, Oicha and their surroundings would have only the delay of a few days upstream. Whoever describes this scene in perspective clearly defines the objectives.

In short, the city of Beni will be attacked by a few mornings and will suffer an atrocity that she has never experienced before. The goal is to force the local population to clear the area completely. But this great event will start from the Urban Commune Rwenzori of the city of Beni, that is to say, the neighborhoods crisscrossing the eastern part of the city. In fact, the occupants who are coming to take possession of the aboriginal property are not far away; they encircle the city, and it is they who have for some time been under unprecedented pressure by the atrocities that characterize the various cells of Rwenzori commune, in beni city, precisely in the areas of Mayangose, Boikene, etc.
To prove the veracity of this information, the interlocutor (sympathizer of the murderers) of our sources asks the opinions to note that nowadays more than 70 percent of the inhabitants of the Rwenzori commune have already fled their domains. The remaining 30 percent will soon be hunted to open the door to the occupants to make the city of Beni their foot.

What is the strategy that reassures the murderers of the success of their invasion in perspective? There are two wings of the slaughterers collaborating on the same plane. There are primarily groups living in the bush, made up of whole families. They have the mission to intimidate and terrorize opinions. They often give the impression of being the real attackers when they come massively with machetes and other weapons, to divert the attention of the real killers who are nevertheless within the official army, the FARDC with which they share a single operation instruction. It is thus more infiltrated elements within the FARDC troops who attack and kill, while the groups coming from the bush (composed of men, women and children) intervene mainly to loot and ransack the houses while eliminating survivors met on their passage.

Another agglomeration targeted by the same threat remains the city of Oicha and its surroundings. It should be noted that the murderers have almost left the funds of their maquis to take position precisely in the periphery of Beni-city and the city of Oicha. They do not consider the presence of MONUSCO as an obstacle, because, they say, they have all the tactics to control them as long as they monitor, with the support of their accomplices infiltrated in the FARDC, all the movements of the UN troops in this region. If necessary, they plan to start by attacking the bases of the said Blue Helmets, especially in the sector of Oicha-Mavivi.

In this context, the thieves had to create new red areas as follows:
– Oicha axis – Beni – Mayangose – Semuliki
– Oicha axis – Mbau – Kamango
– Kasindi axis – Karuruma – Butembo (a new angle of death that has just been created)

Many military troops continue to cross to North Kivu for the Far North and Ituri with a dual purpose, including primarily to support the murderers in their final plan (occupation of areas harassed by atrocities), but also to control Ugandan troops, if they were eventually trying to manifest themselves as an obstacle in their invasion and occupation of North Kivu and Ituri.

By these latest assaults that are preparing, the murderers, supported by Kinshasa will seek to make a show of force by effectively and openly occupying the land, by installing their troops and families who have emigrated from Rwanda to the great North Kivu and Ituri. They rely on the support of the main foci of concentration of their fighters as they are currently confined to Rutshuru, south of Lubero, Beni and Ituri, everywhere with impressive stocks of weapons, ammunition and food.

Many FARDC units that are officially deployed these days in Beni and Ituri are intended to support the operation of the slaughterers and this plan of occupation. Concretely, this is the mission assigned to the 3414th FARDC commandos Regiment formed by Chinese instructors who deploy in the radius of Mangboko and Mavivi in collaboration with the 32 Brigade RR (brutal Kwata). It should be emphasized that these are the elements of these units.

More than ever, the people of the city of Beni and the city of Oicha are in danger! If nothing is done immediately, within a few mornings the city of Beni will come under the control of the ruthless terrorists of the Congolese government; all at the cost of incalculable human and material damage. Help!

Jeanne d’Arc KAHINDO

©Beni-Lubero Online.


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