Victimes de massacres de Rwangoma, en ville de Beni, Août 2916

Urgent !!! SOS: More than 100 people massacred in Nyanzale – Bambu (Rutshuru / DRC)


It is an alert of extreme urgency, because the Congolese government would not want to be known!

Since Friday, 08 September 2017, Nyatura fighters have begun massive massacres against the Yira people living in the western region of Rutshuru territory. The most horrifying scene has taken place at the Kishishe settlement, located in Nyanzale – Bambu, a region of western Rutshuru territory in North Kivu province. The record is very heavy with more than a hundred people killed, cut or killed with a machete or using other kinds of white weapons. The survivors of the massacres are in disarray while some of them are taking refuge in the FARDC camp in Kishishe. These survivors are devoid of everything and face an acute subsistence problem, as they have fled their homes without any provision, even after losing most of their belongings at the time of the assailants attack.

The Nyatura claim to commit these crimes because they consider themselves rejected and not accepted as indigenous. This pretext is arch-false given the development of the Hutu in this region and the possession of the patrimonies they enjoyed there more than most other communities for many years.

It is urgent to popularize this alert, because the Congolese official has adopted an attitude aimed at stifling all information relating to this new tragedy that has just declared against the Nande population. It should be borne in mind that the Congolese Government deliberately chose the path of chaos to cover the shift from Kabila’s reign to infinity. Indeed, there is ample evidence of the support of the regime in place (through some notable Hutu political leaders and dignitaries) in weapons and moral support to the Nyatura in the execution of the present massacres.

There are still so many events that inspire the work of investigation and denunciation of national and international human rights actors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in general and in the East (including the North Kivu Province and Ituri) in particular.

Ushindi Mbilinyama

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