Video: The China Solution for the D.R. Congo



After the IMF and the World Bank  failed to release aid in support of the government of Congo plan, Joseph Kabila turned to China for help. While under pressure from the West which saw this move as treason for a young president who was created ex-nihilo by the West.  In response to this accusation, Joseph Kabila said that the D.R. Congo is so rich that there is enough resources for China and the West. But China is more pragmatic in Africa than the West. Because of this, the western influence is waning in Congo… But still, the Congolese have to be part of the deal if they do not want China to do the same thing as the West… The problem of Congo is partly the Congolese people themselves… Congolese people need to reclaim and regain their  right of ownership of Congo and behave like partners in the bilateral economic and political deals, but not as poor in need of help or relief…  By viewing the following video, it becomes clear that the Congolese people need to organize themselves as a nation in order to benefit from the Chinese partnership, and from all deals with external partners.
Posted by Benilubero Foundation, Inc.

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