« We are not animals to slaughter », shouts the population of Oicha to the FARDC


Alarming call to FARDC elements based in Oïcha and surroundings

Dear FARDC military brothers and sisters, please listen to me!

I hope that the Congolese government has taken the initiative to deploy you in this area that you call « triangle of death » to fight the enemies that were hurting the population since 2010. I do not want to resume here the enormous damage that our Human Rights Organization HRDC has documented.

In my humble opinion, your presence here is a strong signal of the Congolese state’s concern about the suffering of this population victim of the criminal acts of the Ugandan rebels and others. You have no right to forget that your mission falls within the framework of the traditional mission of the Congolese State which is that of protecting the population and its property and not the opposite.

I allow myself to greet the memoirs of all the elements of the order and those of defense fallen in full execution of this mission, God will not forget their sacrifice for this country and this people but also, I denounce the slippages of some among you who provide the effort to deviate this divine vocation to the point of forgetting that « life is sacred ».

Dear soldiers, it does not make sense, in the interval of one month you kill 5 innocent civilians ????
As a reminder:

– 04 October 2017: Muhindo Mashahuri was killed next to his plot while returning to the hospital for a visit of the sick,
– The night of 05 to 06/11/2017: We had attended a triple Assassination of MUMBERE Bahati Charity, Kambale Mbarangania and Kasereka Mukenye all of district MASOSI in Oisha.
– The night of 20 to 21/11/2017 here is another young innocent man, Kambale Kabuyaya Paulin 25 years old, has just been killed by three elements carrying weapons on fire and in FARDC uniforms around 8 pm .

Our observation is that all those who fall are future managers of this country. Now when you kill young people like that what will be the fate of this country?

Please dear soldiers, we are not animals to kill, stop with this practice. Know that God has given you a responsibility which is that of securing the population and its property but also the defense of territorial integrity.

In a nation We are all brothers and sisters. Do not behave like « Cain » who killed his brother Abel because of jealousy.

Attorney Jean Paul PALUKU NGAHANGONDI, National Coordinator of the CRDH

Done in Oisha, on 21/11/2017


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