World Computers & Mobile Phones Built on Genocide in the Congo

 ASI Meeting in London, U.K. 
 23 October 2010 Agenda: Genocide in the Congo and the UN Report.



1. Registration                        4.30 

2. Welcome/ Introduction         4.45 

3. Power point Presentation     4.50 

Looting of Coltan mineral: the base for parasitic Industries of War 

a.     What is coltan used for?

 b.     Who benefits from it? 

c.       Impact on Congolese population 

d.     What can you do? 

4. Solidarity Messages                                                 5. 00

 a. Guyana 

b. Somalia 

c. Colombia 

5. Main presentation                     5.15 

What is the use of UN report about the Congo

a.     Didier Isiya Council of Congolese Resistance (Public relations Coordinator) 

b.     Luwezi Kinshasa (General Secretary of ASI) 

c.       What can you do?

Discussion 6.15 

6. Resolutions 6.45 

7. Announcements 7.15 

8. End of Meting             7.20 



Londres, Angleterre 

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